Friday, August 15, 2014

Prayer Request for Mr. Tibbs the Cat

From the comment section:
please pray for the return of my list cat mr. tibbs


Anonymous said...

Gentle St. Agnes, light your lamp,
and by the light of our combined prayers, lead Mr. Tibbs home!

If this cannot be, please guide him instead to a place of safe refuge among compassionate people.

May we remember to look forward to the day when all the lost will be found, and every tear tenderly wiped from our eyes by the Hand of God. Inspire us to good works, O Lord.


suzanne o'meara said...

4 oct 2014
please pray for the spells to be lifted off my dog Red ,& may the ubtimely upset funny tummy be healed & please , please , may she eat something soon & her special chicken & rice please.
please may she heal soon & may my abusive father not take her to the corrupt vet on monday for antibiotics.
please, Dear Lord , help Red & my pets, & take into account all the large amounts of natural remedies & special supplements & good exercise that has been given to the dogs & it is 1st because a relative gave to dogs wrong food like pie & 2nd because of witchcraft in the household.