Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prayer Request for Lady Kotton Kitty

From Heidi:
she is in pain on her back from neck to tail. She can't move for the pain and if she tried to walk she falls. God made my boy well when he had a similar problem so PLEASE ask him to cure my dearest Kotton of her pain and allow her to enjoy her life as much as possible for many years to come. She is so DEAR and SO sweet and I love her so much!

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Anonymous said...

Truly is it said, Lord, that this world is a vale of tears, but few things pierce our hearts more than the suffering of animals.

Look down on Kotton and her owner, and if it is at all possible, relieve her suffering so that they can go on to enjoy many years together.
Send Heidi the comfort, wisdom, and strength to care for Kotton, in whatever form is needed, and we ask that you send an angel with resources to help this family.

St. Martin of Porres, mirror of God's compassion, please pray for us and with us.


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