Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prayer Request for Pet Dogs

From Laura:
Hello, sometime back I lost my employment due to a layoff. I was blessed and have found employment since then. One of my priorities that I had to put off due to financial struggle was keeping my labradors on heartworm prevention pills. Today I took one of them, the young three year old to vaccinate and start him again on heart worm prevention, unfortunatIy, i was told that he tested high positive. I was referred to contact a clinic for the beginning of treatment if he's a good candidate. I am completely heartbroken and overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt. I love our good loving dog and need prayer for them. I only took the three year old labrador to test today and taking the older female this week. She might test positive too. We live in San Antonio, TX and we have a lot of mosquitos in this area. Please pray that my dogs can survive whatever treatment is necessary and that I find some financial assistance to be able to help them through this. Only the Lord can help us now. We need a miracle. We love them so much! God bless you.

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