Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Prayer Request for Cleo the Dog

From Karen:
Please pray for my little puppy Cleo - she has had such a hard life so far. We adopted her off the streets of India about 2 years ago. She had rocks thrown at her and lived in a dumpster. She is such a scared little dog who is coming around and enjoying her life here - she goes for walks, and loves the dog park... Last week she got a tick bite and has very very low blood platelets. She is on all sorts of medication and is not getting better. This puppy is my life and I just want her to have a chance to see all the good in life. I need prayers for her to fight this infection and be able to live such a good life. She is the sweetest dog that only wants to run and play. Please please please pray for a recovery and more years on this earth - Thank you!

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