Monday, March 24, 2014

Prayer Request for Trouble the Dog

From Susie:
My big gal Trouble needs prayers again,please? You'll know about the cyst & knots she as on her still.She has been going thru really tough spells lately.I noticed the cyst on her right side is growing slightly ,so is one on her ear.But she has had all this stuff with her nose problems & not eating... anyway the vet about 4 wks. back gave her some RX to take for 7 days in hopes she would start eating again. After about 7-10 days that she finished up with the meds. she started eating so much it was hard to keep food items away from her.She was eating stuff she would never have touched before .We thought part of it at first was depression because of Spunky dying,since she & Spunky were & had always been together. Trouble got better for awhile there & now she is laying around again,doesn't hardly bark, won't eat at all most times .Other times we have to try over & over to get her to eat.She has ALL the signs of depression ,but since she has had cancer removed & with these places on her ,I am very concerned !!! She goes to vet next Thurs. but if she stays like this she is going much sooner Please keep her in prayer ,please? TYVM

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