Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayer Request for Krumpet and Gizmo the Sugar Gliders

From Yvette:
am requesting that prayers please be said for two of my pet sugar gliders. A year ago, Krumpet was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The tumors were removed & she had underwent 6 mos of chemo, but recently her health seems to be starting to fail even though there are no obvious signs of regrowth that the doctor could find. I pray that my loving Krumpet is once again restored to good health. Gizmo was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2011 & had to have part of her leg amputated. Although lively & energetic, she had suddenly started losing weight. The doctor found an anomaly in her abdomen & surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. I pray that it is something operable so that Gizmo may be saved. Thank you.

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