Saturday, June 29, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Scarlett the Dog



From Susan:
I came upon your blog on St Roch, patron saint of dogs, & I would like to ask for prayers to St Roch for our Scarlett. Scarlett is an 8 month old puppy we adopted from the pound. Scarlett has a heart murmur. My vet believes, from the sound of the murmur, it is a septal wall defect, or in layman's terms, a hole in her heart. We could have a lengthy cardiac work-up to be certain, but even if we did we could not pay for the open heart surgery to repair it. I am asking for prayers for her to live, not in pain or being starved for oxygen, but well & with us for many years. I know this is a miracle I'm asking for, but with God nothing is impossible! She is a sweetheart & we love her. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Susan, God Bless you and precious Scarlett!! Oh what a precious and beautiful girl she is!! I am so glad you found Esther's most special site here, and do be assured of my many prayers for your Scarlett. Never doubt what prayer can do. St. Roch, St. Jude, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Anthony, St. Francis, and Our Lady, please in your mercy hold Scarlett in your loving, healing, comforting embrace, and please lay your healing hands upon her and allow her to live a full and happy life free of any complication from the heart defect. You obviously had a hand in directing this sweet girl to such a special family who loves her so, please intercede in healing her heart defect.
Susan, please give Scarlett a special hug from this prayer pal!
My prayers are with you!