Friday, June 21, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for General Lee the Dog

From Susie:
this is general lee,he had 3 tumors on him, but the one they want to remove if right next to his rectum hole,it almost like a golf ball now, dr says it's hard and he's scared it will grown inward and press against his rectum inside & bowels, stopping him from having bowel movements completely then.If they send it off to see if it is cancer or not then it runs the cost up to almost 500.00 ,I have 2 other dogs already with life threatening illness and we try to keep all 3 going.This vet has cut his prices already for me by a lot , cause he knows we just get monthly income ,He is a good Christian man,the staff there are great. MY dogs are my babies.They mean so much to my hubby & myself as U can see from this pic, how much this one loves daddy If anyone did want to donate I can let u know the name and everything of the vet.He goes for blood work next Thursday afternoon which will be 75.00 then, on that day they ( I hope) will set the date for surgery .


Anonymous said...

For General Lee, St. Jude, St. Roch, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, St. Anthony, and our Holy Infant of Prague, please be present to General Lee, take him into your loving comforting, healing embrace. Please also bless his family with the necessary financial means to provide General Lee with the care he needs. God Bless their veterinarian, too, who has already shown a very compassionate heart.

Anonymous said...

May the Good Lord hold General Lee close in His strengthening and healing embrace.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my babies, please share with others ,if it was one of your 4 legged babies, wouldn't you do all you could for it also ? Look @ it this way...God loans us these 4 legged babies for a reason,He expects us to love & take care of them, so if U don't try then what would you say to Christ when U are standing before Him, as to why you didn't do all you could to help something that HE made and gave life too ? It's a pleasure for me knowing I am doing all I can for General & the rest of my babies,what are you doing to help take care of God's creatures?
tyvm, susie