Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sad News on Leo the Pup and Updated Prayer Request for Chloe and Simba

From Manoo: Leo died last night. He was getting weaker by hours. 
Another sad part is that Chloe was detected with parvo. A few days ago her parvo test was negative and we were very happy. Good thing is that we caught the problem just when it began. Her treatment is going on. She is vomiting occasionally. She looks weak. Please pray for her recovery. And also pray that the other three pups - Simba (chloe's brother and two other little ones Anjali & Lotus - stay safe. They have been vaccinated and live in separate
We were facing issues with finances in order to pay for the Parvo treatment as we have spent most part of what we had on Leo's - it's very expensive. And suddenly a sweet & kind hearted gentleman at the vet's - who has been coming for his dog's treatment - offered to pay for the entire treatment. Isn't it a miracle?? I can clearly see God working through him. 😊
We need Simba ' s adoption to happen at the moment as Chloe is unwell. Please pray that he gets a wonderful, loving family.
I will keep you posted.
In gratitude, Manoo! 

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