Friday, January 5, 2018

Urgent Prayer Request for Lucki the Cat

From comment section:I pray to God, his son Jesus, and patron saint of cats St. Gertrude of Nivelles that they perform a miracle of healing for my cat Lucki. I know that God over looks all creatures great and small, so I hope he hears this prayer. My cat was poisoned by a flea and tick treatment called Bravecto and he his condition has slowly gotten worse over the last month. He has an enlarged pancreas, lymph nodes, and a nodule on his pancreas. However, each vet I take him to cannot find anything else wrong with him. I myself am only guessing that the Bravecto is the cause. His back legs are now paralyzed and he cant take himself to the litter box. I start a new job in a couple days and I am not sure what I am going to do as he cannot be left alone due to his paralysis. He sleeps on the floor next to training pad with kitty litter and he cannot drag himself to that area to use the bathroom so he just goes in his bed. Or if he can get to the box in time, he is unable to crawl back to his bed and I am worried he is going to be stuck in the box all day. I pray for assistance from my sister and neighbor to check on him while I am at work. Please give someone the Holy Spirit to help me. I am taking him to a new vet tomorrow. Please have the Holy Spirit enter the examination room to give me the words and the doctor the knowledge to heal Lucki. I also pray that if I have to board him, my boss is ok with starting my shift one hour later or that I find a place that will take him early in the morning.

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