Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Prayer Request for Jack, Scooter, Furgus, Purrsnickitty the Pets

From an email:
I found your blog while looking for prayers for pets tonight and saw that you accept prayer requests for pets. I lost one of my beautiful furbabies, Daniel, on my birthday April 6th of this year from cancer, and now his brother, Jack, has been diagnosed with a heart murmur - I am unsure yet how serious it is. I have been terrified for my remaining four furbabies, especially Jack because he was Daniel's full brother and is nearing 13 years old. I have an 11 year old female, Scooter, a 10 year old male Furgus, and a 4 year old female Purrsnickitty as well as Jack. I am worried for all of them now, because Daniel's cancer came on so suddenly and he only lasted 7 days from his diagnosis. So, I am asking that you please say a prayer for all of them, that Jack's heart murmur is not serious, and that the others all remain healthy. I'm still utterly heartbroken over having lost Daniel and cannot imagine losing Jack, or any of the others, so soon after his loss. :(

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