Monday, October 24, 2016

Prayer Request for Tiki the Dog and Owners

From comment section:
Thank you for the prayer for sick and dying pets. Our 14 year old dog Tiki woke up today very, very sick. She couldn't walk and was having accidents. We sat with her all day, since we had seen two of our other elderly dogs pass in very similar ways. In the evening we said our evening prayers together as we always do. However, tonight we said them around Tiki and my husband, myself and our four young daughters said our goodbyes. Then we finished off our prayers with The Prayer to St. Francis for sick and dying pets and blessed her with Holy Water. Within an hour my 3-year old gave a doggie cookie to our younger dog Piper and said she wanted to give one to Tiki too. I knew she wasn't eating or drinking, but thought it couldn't hurt. She told me Tiki ate it. I looked and saw that she did in fact eat it. Then she started drinking her water and got up and walked over to her food and started eating! She came into the hallway as I was calling my husband. She ate a few more cookies. I got a leash and she came right to me and we went outside and took a walk together at night. It was beautiful, and even if this is her last walk, I thank and praise St. Francis and our Lord for this blessing. I think I needed to see her enjoy the earth again, more than she did. Thank you for this prayer. God Bless.

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