Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request for P-Nut the dog and Owner Connie

From comment section:  I am asking for prayers today for my beautiful fur baby P-nut , he has been ill with Lyme disease and my vet only giving him about 3 months to live , his kidneys are shutting down, well I decided to take him to uw veterinary teaching hospital in Madison wis. These wonderful people has been taking care of him for three days now, they have gotten his Kidneys levels back to normal, and they don't believe that it is the Lyme disease that is doing all the problems , they feel there is something else wrong with him , his liver levels are above the chart, they seem to be getting close , they think he also has Lepto. they started him on medicine 2 days ago , his liver levels has come down under 3000, but he is still in the woods , I am disabled and spent 4000 on his bill in 4 days , and now I am out of funds to keep him in the hospital with their recommendations they said he needs at least 2 more days in the hospital, so I had to go pick him up today, and am asking for prayers that I may be able to help my baby boy stay alive. So asking for as many prayers as I can get. I am disabled and he is my life, this little boy has always been there for me , when I am sad , he makes me laugh , and lifts my spirits, and Now I am so depressed that I can not provide him with what he needs , so please pray for us, especially my little boy P-Nut . Thank you !! 

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