Thursday, August 11, 2016

Urgent Prayer Request and Update on Smokey the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Update on Smokey: I spent last night at the Vet's office for 3 hours. They had an Ultrasound Doctor come in and diagnose him. He is not in good shape. His pancreas and gallbladder are very inflamed (they stated the worse they have seen) and they believe he has cancer in his pancreas. We are giving him pain meds, antibiotics, food (anything he wants), steroid injections and he will be getting gall bladder medication soon. We will try this for a couple weeks. If nothing improves and the inflammation doesn't go down then I will have to make a choice that is killing me inside. He has been part of me for 16 years and I am having trouble with all of this. I am lost, scared, and sick over the entire situation. I know to some people this is just a pet. But he has been my family for 16 years giving me love and happiness throughout. I do not want to walk into my home and not have him there.I am not OK

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