Monday, July 25, 2016

Good News for Elmo the Cat

From our Facebook page:
Some may remember back a couple of months ago I ask everyone to pray for Elmo, the kitty who got away from his family when they were evacuating the Ft McMurray, Alberta CA wildfires? Today, after 83 days on his own, only God knows how or where, he was reunited with his family! Thank you Sts Gertrude, Francis, Benedict, Jude, Anthony, Rocco, and Felix, for your intercession, for God's loving care and protection, and all you earthly saints who prayed for his health, safety, and return to his family! Nothing short of an absolute miracle that this naive indoor kitty could survive out there in th


Becky Gorres said...

I can still hardly believe he non-chalantly sauntered into someone's yard, they took a photo & posted it on one of the FB pages for missing pets, someone recognized him and contacted his owner! He showed up about 2 1/2 miles from where he ran off. Another kitty who had been missing since the fire was also found and reunited with his family the same day! Elmo's comment while chilling in the sink at the vet's after his check-up "What took you so long?! I was right here waiting for you the whole time!"

Esther Gefroh said...

Wow Becky! That is amazing!