Thursday, November 19, 2015

Prayer Request for Snickers the Dog

From comment section:
Please St. Anthony, bring my dog Snickers home. He has been missing since Monday, 11/16/2015, around 8:30 pm. I lived in a raised home, and I took him downstairs to go potty, then quickly darted back up the stairs to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos. after about 10-15 minutes I went to see what he was doing back there, and he was nowhere to be found in the back yard. I have a completely fenced in back yard - but he got out somehow. I didn't have his collar on him...I took it off when we got home from the Vet on Friday, 11/13. He has a bladder infection and was on antibiotics when he left. I have plastered flyers everywhere in the neighborhood. I received a call Tuesday evening saying he was seen crossing a busy highway into another neighborhood. I have been plastering flyers & searching that area for the last 2 days, nobody I've talked to has seen him. I have also posted on every social media site I can think of. Snickers is a male, neutered, yorkie, and he is 11 years old. He is a pampered, inside dog. I am so lost without him and worried sick for him. I pray for his safe return. He is very loved & missed, I would give just about anything to have him back.

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Nanük said...

For the safe return of your pup, and for all lost and homeless animals, LORD hear our prayer.