Monday, May 11, 2015

Prayer Request for Conor the Cat

From Kerri:
My beloved cat, Conor, is facing end stage liver cancer. He is just the sweetest, gentlest, most tender fellow. When I was ill and needed surgery, he never left my side once I was home. I would often wake up in pain, to find him purring at my side, gently stroking my face with his front paw. He is everything to me. We are also hoping to have him end his life on his own terms in his own home, surrounded by loved ones. But we don't know if he will become so uncomfortable that we will have to bring him to the vet. The vet thinks he isn't in pain, just uncomfortable from abdominal bloating. Please, those of you with loving hearts, please pray for my Conor.

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Nanük said...

Prayers for peace and comfort mates,