Monday, September 1, 2014

Prayer Request for Chloe the Dog

From Jill:
please whoever reads i have a husky shepard named chloe pure white brown eyes 5yrs ols. She has a mammory gland tomor that needs surgery really bad. I cant find a vet that will help us because we cant pay in full. I can make a down payment than i can make payments after her surgery. Im in crystal lk illinois anyone know any vets that work with ya please let me know. God bless you all. My dog is very uncomfotable.


ra husky said...

All our prayers,

Margie said...

Dear lord, please help Jill find a Vet that will help her with her dog. You
Have the power and can do anything
I ask in love that they have for this dog
That they rescued out of having the pure caring and the good heart to want to save him . Thank you Jesus for your love and time . Amen

Margie said...

Dear lord, please help Chloe she needs your deviine healing. Her
Owners love her very much.
Thank You so much Lord.