Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prayer Request for Wookie the Dog

From Grace:
I am asking for prayer for my sweet doxie boy Wookie ... he has been ill for many months and we thought had recovered from a tumor in his prostate and kidney ... now he has fallen ill again and has not eaten or drank in 3 days ... we are giving him water with a syringe and are taking him back to hospital ... he has been crying even with his pain meds ... he is such pure unconditional love , he does not deserve such pain he only stops crying when I hold him

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Anonymous said...

For precious Wookie the doxie, God Bless him and heal him, hold him in his comforting healing embrace. I doggie-sit for a neighbor's three doxies and understand how special your Wookie is. Please give him a kiss for me, and God Bless you, too, Grace!