Friday, January 30, 2015

Prayer Request for Chewby the Dog

From Maria Dolores: Hi. Please pray for my shih tzu puppy Chewby. He is currently confined at the vet hospital. He was still energetic last night but this morning, i saw lots of vomit in his cage. He is lethargic and he
lost his appetite. Hoping it is not parvo. And more importantly, i pray that he survive this. We love him very much. Thank you for taking time in reading my email. God bless you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good News - Collette the Dog

Snatched Pomeranian Returned to Oahu Owner. Mahalo for your prayers!

Prayer Request for Collette the Dog

In local news in Hawaii, there is a report of a little Pomeranian stolen in front of her owner. CLICK HERE. Please pray that the little dog is found safe and sound and returned to her owner.

Prayer Request for Shane the Dog

From Lois:
Shane ran away from friend Linda's good home about 11 days ago. He is a cocker spaniel, very devoted and loyal to Linda. She lives in Fullerton, CA. She put up signs all over the neighborhood. I love that dog and I am heartbroken.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prayer Request for India the Cat

From Karen:
Please pray for the healing of my cat India. Thank You.

Prayer Request for Karsen the Police Dog

From Chris:
St. Roch, please pray for Karsen. He is a police dog in Dayton, Ohio who is lost. Thank you for your help. Amen.

Prayer Request for Haru the Dog

From comment section:
I have never posted anything like this before but I hope so much it works. Today while I was at school my dog Haru jumped the fence along with my other dog after my mom let them out. My other dog found her way home but Haru is still missing. Haru is one of my best friends and I miss him horribly. Please pray for his return. Thank You.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Updated Prayer Request for Becky

From Anna:
Please pray for my Becky she is not well tomorrow we go to the vet in the morning to see if she has intestinal blockage Amen

Sad News - Otto the Cat

Earlier I received the following email From Christine:
Please send your healing intervention for my 12 year old cat OTTO. He has a tumor growing larger and pressing on his intestines which obstructs his bowels and causes him to vomit up his food. Plus the Vet claims he has kidney failure. I am being pressured to euthanize him WITHIN next day. I need MIRACLE HEALING for OTTO! I can't stop crying! Please intercede for him time is running out. My friend Maureen has him in her boarding kennel and wants to euthanize him now! I NEED A MIRACLE. Please help OTTO he needs a miracle healing now! In Jesus name i ask for your great intercession!
Later she emailed me that Otto was on his way to be euthanized.  Please keep Christine in your prayers.  She was suffering a major loss when this happened.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prayer Request for Elfie the Cat

From Paula: T
he other night there was a beautiful yellow and white fluffy cat perched on the brick wall in front of my house. When I approached, he ran. I searched online and I believe I found Elfie's owner on Facebook. I am asking for prayers that he is brought back safe and sound to Lynn. She is heartbroken.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prayer Request for Princess

From Karen:
Prayer request for Princess ❤️Last night she lost all feeling/movement in her right hind leg. This morning, the left hind leg doesn't have much movement. She's currently at the vet getting X-rays, Prednisone, & blood work. I'm praying that she be free of pain & her health to be fully restored. Amen

Prayer Request for Fluffy the Cat

From Samantha:
Please pray for our office cat, Fluffy. He was missing this morning, but our secretary saw him at lunch across the street at a restaurant. I have not been able to find him since then. We are on a very busy highway, so please pray for his safe return and he will not get into the road. Thank you so much!

Prayer Request for Alexander the Bird

From Priyankha:
My Alexander parakeet flew away today.. My whole family is heart broken.. We need a miracle to happen so that she comes back to us..

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prayer Request for Stormy Medina the Dog

"Stormy Medina"
From Anna:
Pray for Stormy Medina that she feel better that her right paw heals after her surgery in Jesus name:

Updated Prayer Request for Loki the Dog

From Cyndi:
Please hear my prayers please don't let Loki have another cancerous tumor if it ha please let it be stage 1 and let them get clean margins

Monday, January 19, 2015

Updated Prayer Request - Austin the Dog

From Pauline: Austin has poorly differentiated sarcoma. He has started chemo on 15 Jan. His appetite is no
t too good. Please continue to pray for Austin that he will be strong to continue the chemo and that his appetite increases and that he will not have to suffer. I pray for all the sick animals and their owners as they go through this difficult journey together. May God bless and watch over us and give us strength. Amen.

Prayer Request for Finn the Cat

From Sonia:
please continue to pray for my cat Finn. He is 15 years old and dealing with Hyperthyrodism. He is currently adjusting to his medication and having trouble with eating. Thank you for all the prayers.

Prayer Request for Cleo the Cat

From Sandy:
Please pray for Cleo. She is sick with cancer.

Update on Gracie the Puppy

From Laura:
We are so happy to say "her levels were half what they were 2 weeks ago, praise God! We are believing she will be back to normal at her check-up next month. Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good News - Scrappy and Duke the Dogs

From Sheila:
UPDATE: After hours upon hours of searching by us and others we are excited to announce that our boys mysteriously showed up at our house at 1:30 am not even hungry or thirsty but glad to be home. They began barking, saying let me in, which caused our girls to bark inside to wake us up. We want to thank everyone who looked and inquired about our boys. We are glad to know that we live in a caring community. God Bless you all!

Prayer Request for Gracie the Puppy

From Laura:
My husband and I would so appreciate your prayers for our precious 6 month old puppy named Gracie. Two weeks ago the vet said her liver levels were off and to return today to draw more blood for another check, which we did. We should have the results in a couple of days. We are believing for a good report and normal levels, in Jesus Name! So we would appreciate your agreement in prayer. Thank you sooo much and may God richly bless you this year and always

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayer Request for Marshall the Dog

From Ruth:
My nephew has a dog that is very sick and so far 4 vets have worked on him. The dogs name is Marshall and he is a gentle giant. He is a rescue dog. He needs prayers now, so I am asking everyone who reads this to please take one minute to say a prayer asking for Marshall to be healed. Thank you and God Bless you and all your furry friends.

Prayer Request for Scrappy and Duke the Dogs

From Sheila:
my male boxer are missing Scrappy and Duke I pray that they are safe and find their way home.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Prayer Request for Becky

From Anna:
hello may i please ask for prayersfor my little Becky she is limping on her front and back right legs Amen

Prayer Request for Miss Bunny

From George:

Prayer Request for a Pet Dog

From Carol: (via Google translation)
Hello! Our little dog is gone from us ( Cowansville, PQ ) on 31 October 2014. She is lost , wandering , was seen in the woods several days later, away from home . Maybe she was devoured by wild beasts. Maybe she died of hunger and cold . Or it was collected by compassionate people . I am very sad and I feel responsible for what happens to him. I ask your prayers for his return, if possible . I still have a little hope , a little boy. Thank you ! Carole
Bonjour! Notre petite chienne est partie de chez nous (Cowansville, P.Q.)le 31 octobre 2014. Elle est perdue, errante, a été vue dans un bois plusieurs jours plus tard, loin de chez nous. Peut-être qu'elle a été dévorée par les bêtes sauvages. Peut-être qu'elle est morte de faim et de froid. Ou bien elle a été recueillie par des gens compatissants. Je suis très attristée et je me sens responsable de ce qui lui arrive. Je demande vos prières pour son retour, si cela est possible. J'ai encore un petit espoir, tout petit. Merci! Carole

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prayer Request for Romeo the Dog

From Linda:
Please pray that Romeo (French bulldog) who went missing on12/29 will be returned very soon safely to his owner. He is sadly missed by his family and I am sure he misses them as well. God please help the person that has Romeo find it in his/her heart to return this baby to his loving home. Thanks in advance for the prayers. Amen

Prayer Request for Jake the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for a miracle that Jake, my sisters adorable gentle 1 yr collie will be saved. He is going through kidney failure and we have been told that there is no hope and that he has only between a few days and a few weeks to live. Everything medically and holistically that was recommended has been done. He is a rescue dog who was bottle fed from one day old and survived against the odds. He has been raised by my amazing sister. He is her baby and her world. We love him with all our hearts and we do not want to lose him. Please, please pray that he will be healed and survive to live a long healthy life. Thank you for your kindness and prayers

Friday, January 9, 2015

Prayer Request for Copenhagen the Dog

From Alana:
Please pray for my friend's dog Copenhagen. He was hit by a truck, and can't move his back legs. Thank you.

Prayer Request for all Animals Suffering from Harsh Winter Weather

Dear Prayer Warriors and friends of this blog, please say a prayer for all the animals who suffer from the frigid and harsh weather conditions. Of course, please pray for all the people! Thank you!.

Prayer Request for Hilary the Cat

From Karen:
Please pray in agreement for the instant healing for my cat Hilary. Thank You.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prayer Request for Domino the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of my precious cat Domino. He's been missing since Monday 5th January. I can't stop crying for him, he's only ever been missing overnight once and we found him the next day after what we believe was a car accident. I'm so frightened I will never see him again.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request for Austin the Dog

From Pauline:
I would like to submit a request for a prayer for my dog Austin. He has a swelling above his eye for sometime now. The vet has tried to remove the fluid and the swell is still there. Over the weekend, he has sneezed out some blood droplets and the vet is concerned that there might be a tumor. He is going to go through some investigative surgery in about 10 hours time. Please pray that whatever that is troubling him is treatable and not cancerous.
His surgery showed suspicious cancerous tissues which is now sent for testing. Please help me pray that it is not cancerous and that there is treatment for Austin. Thank you so much for creating this site, which help pet owners like me during our most difficult times!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Prayer Request for Reagan the Dog

From Joanna:
Not sure if you received my prayer request. Reagan is our 13 year old baby girl. She has a slightly enlarged heart. And is have trouble with the meds. She is throwing up and can't keep them down. We have no children. .she is our baby. We thank you so very much! ♡

Prayer Request for Ben the Dog

From Marta:
Need prayers for my dog Ben he has diabetes & now is developing a cataract in his one eye. I know this disease can lead him to blindness. He needs all the prayers he can get. Thank You.

Prayer Request for Animals in Australia

From Trevor:
Australia is messed up right now, bushfires in two states. i've just heard that a flashfire caught a boarding kennel and cattery. The staff saved something like 40 dogs but lost an unknown number as well as all boarding cats, the cattery buildings and all kennels. The immensity of all the suffering has rolled over me like a rock and I can't comprehend it. So much prayer needed please. ...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Prayer Request for Pewty the Cat

From Sylvia:
My sister's beautiful orange tabby disappeared from her deck on December 31, 2014, we have posted flyers and searched for her. My sister recently suffered the loss of her babies due to miscarriage. Pewty was always with her helping her smile and making ever attempt to comfort her. I pray for her safe return and ask others to invoke the power of prayer for my sister and her family

Prayer Request for Bluebell the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my beautiful loving dog, Bluebell, to restore her to good health, and allow her to walk by my side once again. Amen

Good News - Kendi the Dog

From the owner:
My precious Doberman Kendi is now safely home. Praise God. And thank you to St Felix. And Sts Anthony. Jude. And Francis. This was a miracle. Prayers DO work. Never lose faith.

Prayer Request for Shilo the Dog

From George:
Please pray for our dog shilo he is in pain and he does not need to suffer anymore he was a great pet friend and companion for the last 14 years and it is his turn to rest and be with his own family his mother father brothers and sisters Please take away his suffering and take him home he will be missed and loved forever you will never be forgoten dont be sad its ok its your time to rest thank you for everything we love you

Prayer Request for June the Cat

From Brandy:
We could use some prayers for our June-bug. My daughter and I recently were displaced from our home due to a house fire (right before Thanksgiving) that started in a neighbor's unit. Fortunately, my June was outside, and our other cat Quin had burrowed into my bed box springs and survived with no harm. Both were hiding out until the fire crew left, but happily, they both came running when I called. We have been staying with family for a month while we set up a new housing situation, and so both cats have been kept indoors. Because they were going stir crazy to get out, I decided to take them out on harnesses with leashes. The first day was great, but the second time June was out, she pulled out of her harness and bolted over the fence. We have searched and searched, and I realize she is probably hiding out, too scared to come back, but we are asking for prayers to get her back to us. The challenge is of course that this is not her neighborhood, she has not established her territory, and there are cats and dogs in many of the neighbors' yards. And she may try to get back to our old place. Please send prayers for June to be found. Allow her the courage to come out of hiding. Thank you