Monday, December 30, 2013

Prayer Request for Bandit the Dog

From Kryslal:
Please pray for my dog Bandit to return.

Prayer Request for Trixie

From Wendy:
Prayers for Trixie, she seems to be pregnant and possibly hit by a car, covered in fleas and ticks. Seeing Vet in am, let's pray she gets the help she needs!! Thank you!

Prayer Request for Mr. Tino the Dog

From Susan:
Please pray for my good friends Lisa's dog Mr. Tino. He really needs them. Thnx

Urgent Prayer Request for Emma the Dog

From Dan:
Please pray for Emma, my dog. She has lymphoma and only God's grace and mercy can save her.

Urgent Prayer Request for Charlie the Dog

From Yvonne:
Please pray for 8 week old Chihuahua named Charlie.He is sick and he is so needed. He has come into the life of a broken yet proud man and his disabled son dealing with the abandonment by his mother. This dog has brought laughter and smiles back into their lives. Pray that Charlie is brought to health again and continues to be the bearer of happiness for his owners

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prayer Request for Skye the Dog

From Clare:
Hi I was wondering if you could please say a prayer for a lost dog called Skye. She has been missing since 22nd October 2013 and was in the Monrieth area of Scotland when she slipped her collar whilst holidaying with her family. Skye is a rescue dog who spent 2 years in a shed until she found her mummy Carol. The search has been a continuous one and there has been a few sightings.Please bring this little one home she is loved and missed by many. Her face book page is many thanks Clare xx

Friday, December 27, 2013

Prayer Request for Rocky the Cat

From Carol:
Please pray for the safe return of our beloved cat Rocky. He went missing on Sunday, December 22. We are so sad and so are the other cats and our dog, his best friend. It is so hard to stay positive. We have searched and done all that we can do at this point. Please assist us in praying for his safe homecoming. Thank you.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Prayer Request for Princess the Dog


From Susie:
Princess needs prayers,please? She is having more seizures now,even after the vet changed the dosage of her meds. She also is having little knots come up all over her body.Finally she has problems with the glands in her bottom.(kindest way to say it) Anyway the glands are swollen & she acts as if it hurts her sitting down.So please remember her in your prayers Thanks,God Bless

Prayer Request for JaiJai the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for my son's cat JaiJai. He is a gray cat, only 3 years old. My son lives in another city and entrusted me with JaiJai. I tried to keep him inside, but he cried to go outside. He snuck out and then began going out on a regular basis. Unfortunately one day he did not come back and I have not been able to find him. I believe with all my heart that he is alive, but can't find his way home. Please pray for him, that he is safe and will find his way home. My son just came hear for a visit and I pray that they are reunited. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Prayer Request for Misha the Pet

From David:
Please pray for my beloved best friend Misha, her liver is in very bad condition, which was discovered today at surgery. God's name be praised for all His miracles! Thank for your prayers.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Prayer Request for Robere the Cat

From Sheila:
Robere has been missing since Oct 28. We are devastated. Not only do we miss him but he is in need of medication for a mouth condition. I have a page devoted to finding him called Black Bobtail Cat lost in Welland. It will shed some light on our efforts and Robere's condition. Please pray earnestly and daily for his safe return to us. He is also missed by his siblings Bubbles, Lala, Oscar and Annie. It's just not the same without him.

Prayer Request for Christmas the Dog

From comment section:
Please if you have a minute to pray for my Christmas she is a yellow lab blood hound that went missing on on my anniversary July 2nd and I pray that she is warm, fed and will find her way home to us.... I names her Christmas as I found her starving on a beach Christmas Eve 2 years ago.. I pray she find her way home to us somehow some way. I also want to say a pray for all the animals above that may been missing from their loving home and I pray for comfort for those who have lost their loved ones...

Prayer Request for Idea the Dog

From Manoo:
... Idea is healed completely...its been more than a month now. I am sending a prayer request to you for her cough. It has been bothering idea for a year or so. She is on medication for many months now. It goes away and comes back again. The vet says its age related as her chest x-rays are fine. She was fine for almost a month now but last 3 days have been tough....her cough is bad during the days and worse in the nights....especially during winters. She has been suffering from arthritis too and on medication. Please pray for her recovery...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Prayer Request for Coco

From comment section:
Please pray for coco who went missing today. May he find his way back home safely and into the arms of those who love him. Love u coco, may God help u come home soon, safe and unharmed.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Prayer Request for Clairance the Dog

From Wendy:
Prayers for Clairance please as this girl pup goes through her care and surgery to fix her broken bones and heal her wounds. She is in good spirits despite her medical situation.

Urgent Prayer Request for Griffin the Dog

From an email:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prayer Request for Spunky the Dog

From Susie:
Spunky is having to go on another round of antibiotics today.Seems to be the norm for her now.That & pain medication,but she still has a lot o spunk in her for a dog who is as bad as she is ! She still wags that short stub of a tail when she can ,eats everything she can get her mouth on.The vet & I both believe she has Cushing's Disease too.Along with all the other things she has.Vet told me last week she is more concerned now with the quality of Spunky's life more than anything else.I am letting her stay inside now all she wants.She acts like she just does NOT want to be alone at all or away from either of us.My other one that stays with her outside stays inside almost all the time too when Spunky does,unless she wants out.

Prayer Request for Horses

From Suzanne:
thank-you for all the prayers. please pray for some working horses nearby , have skin ailments like excema & mane & tail out - please pray the painful skin ailmentas will soon go away & not need / be set up for antibiotics iontments etc every yr after yr ....may the prayers heal the horses & their hair-skin problems & face rash . & in our hot summer please hope the flies will be less painful & less in number this yr. all very best wishes & thanks

Prayer Request for Chancie

From Susie:
I don't have a pic right now of Chancie,but she is a sort of small red colored baby with beautiful blue eyes .She has started coughing bad again & the earliest her vet can see her is tomorrow afternoon.She has went thru 2 rounds of RX for the coughing in the last couple months,now it's back. Please pray it isn't anything serious .I'll let you'll know ASAP & try to post a pic if I can at all.thanks,God Bless

Urgent Prayer Request for Pearl the Dog

From Olivia:
Please pray for our beloved pet Pearl. She is an 11 year old white poodle. This past year she had two surgeries: a radical mastectomy and another one to remove a single tumor. A new tumor was found on her liver this week, just 16 days since her last surgery. It will be removed this week and the surgery and recovery will be very difficult. Please pray that the tumor is benign, that she recovers, has comfort and peace and is cancer free to live many more years. We love her with all our hearts and brings so much joy to or family. Please keep her in your prayers, as I will do for all the animals on this list and throughout the world who all deserve Gods blessings. Thank You.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Special Prayer Request

Please pray for this owner:
In less than 4 hours i'm taking my baby girl into the vets to be put to sleep. she is suffering and fighting to stay with me. I can't bear to watch her any longer. I just want to make sure she will be warm, safe and happy. this is so difficult.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Calliope the Dog

From Wendy:
Could you please pray for Dr. Ryans dog "Calliope" to find her way home. Calliope lives in Toronto Ontario Canada & has been missing since Sept.8/13. Dr. Ryan is an emergency room Dr who gives so much & I pray that Calliope is brought back to him. He is heartbroken.With our power of prayer & with faith & love we can bring her home I know it. Thank you so much. I will light a candle to guide her way.

Prayer Request for Jasmine the Pet

From Laura:
Please send prayers out for my sweet little Jasmine who got out from our garage on thursday dec 5 2013 our hearts our broken. Her little buddy jack needs her back too. Please God send her back to our loving family.

Prayer Request for Moses the Dog

From Alana:
Please pray for Moses the dog. My boy is suffering severe neck pain.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Prayer Request for Serra the Cat

From Annabel:
Please pray for the safe return of my daughter's small black cat Serra, who has been missing for three days. She does go outside but has not strayed before. My daughter is understandably upset as this is the second black cat to go walkabout. Thank you

Prayer Request for Loafer the Dog

From Karen:
A FB friend of mine's dog went missing last night from in front of his family's home. Please pray that "Loafer" is found. The man is a UK/US citizen who is a press reporter in Washington, and one of the "good guy" conservatives. He has a wife and two young children who must be devastated too. Toby had a previously wonderful relationship with his now deceased dog called Finn which he wrote about very touchingly in this story here: So I'm sure it wasn't due to lack of care for the dog that he's lost.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Prayer Request for Conker the Dog

From comment section:
Please add prayers for missing dog "Conker". He has been gone from home after bolting from the garden 13 days ago.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Update on Frankie the Dog

From Adrienne: Frankie is out of surgery and doing fine. The vet found a pistachio and some of the hard plastic covering from the fake grapes. It's good we didn't wait or he would have had to do a resection on his intestines. Thank you for the prayers...

Prayer Request for Muffin the Cat

From Jeannie:
Your prayers have always brought my lost pets back. Our little calico cat Muffin is missing. Please pray for her.

Prayer Request for Nellie the Cat

From Juliet:
...could you please pray for our little cat Nellie, we took her to the vets because she was limping and was told she may have to have surgery. she is being x-rayed today and we are waiting to hear the results. You have prayed for Nellie before when she was hit by a car and she recovered quickly please could you pray for her again, she is such an affectionate cat. Thank you...

Monday, December 2, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for a Pet Dog

From comment section:
Our dog only 6 months old got run over by a car as we left for our honeymoon. When we got the call about our dog, we turned back and cancelled our honeymoon. Her lungs were badly damaged with internal bleeding and two days later our vet told us that she is blind and might see or not. I ask for prayers so that if its Gods will, she will heal and be able to see again.

Prayer Request for Sneakers the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return home of my daughters cat Sneaker. She is heartbroken, as am I watching her cry herself to sleep. He is family and we miss him dearly. Thank you...

Sad News Mooney Pie the Dog

From Katie:
Sadly, our Mooney Pie succumbed to her multiple illnesses. She is in her rainbow heaven now, chasing flies and chomping sticks, swimming after balls and Frisbees. And once in a while, turning back to sniff the air and listen - just waiting for her best friends, her human and dog family pack, to come get her for the best "gofra!" ever. We'll be there for you honey girl, we promise.

Urgent Prayer Request for Frankie the Dog

From Adrienne:
Our little Frankie is headed in to surgery in about an hour. He ate some Styrofoam grapes last night. There might be a blockage. Thank you for all you do running Prayers for Our Pets.