Monday, March 30, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request for Butchie the Dog

From Patricia:
Please pray for Butchie our pet Lab/Chow mix waiting for blood work / possible blockage in intestines , he is a young dog and has already overcome Heartworm treatment .

Urgent Prayer Request for Cordelia and Sebastian the Cats

From Greg:
Please pray for Kitty Cordelia and Sebastian lost in the building explosion in Manhattan. Please pray they are found safely.

Urgent Prayer Request for Beauty the Puppy

From comment section:
Please send prayers for my 4 month to the day old puppy Beauty who is trying to overcome parvo. We are trying everything we can to help her and are trying all prayers possible. We pray that God will heal her and keep her sweet loving ways with us. If anyone can help with specific prayers that will be very kind and appreciated. This is the first time I am reaching out online. Her beautiful in everyway twin sister Willow (they were born in the same sack) died at 1:19am Thursday from parvo, we tried all we could but in the end God took her home. It is still hard to understand, but we are trying to move forward. My boyfriend of 5 years father passed away last week as well and we had the funeral yesterday for him. It is too much death, and heart breaking. We do not want to lose Beauty too. We love her very much.Thank you.

Updated Prayer Request for Jigme the Dog

From Suzanne:
please continue to pray for my dog jigme with the swellings/lymphomas/lipomas of over 5 yrs . in addition to prayers I have been using well over 50 natural remedies for aver a decade - he is 11 in sept . there are power strongholds & grips preventing the healing.possibly by now the swellings may be benign or malignant cancer .1 on front right leg shoulder , in same armpit & on chest next to ; 1 on left back leg hip diagonal ; 1 almost gone below rib cage ; 1 tiny under 1 paw ; ( & 2 -3 small cysts on chest & on side of torso ; some soft fat lumps in neck). please pray he will heal & no-one will disagree. may the swellings not get hard , not burst or form sores or get cancerous . may they not multiply . may they not get much bigger. the front & back leg swellings are fairly large . the armpit one is closest to bursting stage .he can walk o.k. for long walks . no pain . may the bones & marrow also be protected . ...& they told me then all the diseases ahead - coprophobia - & how this would lead to lumps etc . so they put their powers then on the dog & the wormwood tincture anti-worm drops caused the swellings & the tick bites caused the cysts . thank-you .

Friday, March 27, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request for Teddy the Dog

From Anna:
Hello we need URGENT prayers for Teddy the Westie he is very ill in intensive care at the hospital Amen

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prayer Request for Perry the Kitten

From Juanita:
Please help me pray for my kitty Perry, he got lost yesterday, hes 10 week's old. We already went thru one lost of another pet, we miss him so much. We are scared for his well being, help us pray so we can find him, Thank you

Prayer Request for Kori the Dog

From Sylvia:
My dear friends, Our 13 year old Sheltie, Kori, went on an adventure 2 nights ago and hasn't returned. We have been searching for him, notified the local police and SPCA. He has tags and is registered. Please pray for his safety and return him home. If you find another family needs him more than we do, please be sure they are loving and treat him with kindness. Please keep us in his heart as he will always be in ours.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Prayer Request for Marigny the Bird

From Comment Section:
My sweet little cockatiel (bird), Marigny, flew away last week. I have had him since he was a baby, going on 15 years. I am devastated and have searched for him from sun up to sun down since he was lost to no avail. Many people say to just give him time and he will find his way home. I pray daily but am finding it increasingly hard to remain faithful that he will return. I need the strength of God to continue searching and hoping. Please keep me and my beloved pet in prayer. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Missing Pet Tortoise

From comment section:
I cant find my tortoise, he is in our garden somewhere. the weather is too cold for him, I hope he is safe from frost etc. he was put out today in the sun 15degs. and has disappeared into the ground possibly? please send him to me, soon. thankyou.

Prayer Request for Harley and Zaccheus the Dogs

From comment section:
Please pray for my friend Liz's dog Harley who has a head trauma and for my dog Zaccheus who is undergoing surgery. Bless you.

Prayer Request for Wrangler the Dog

From Mark:
Asking for prayers for an old friend and her family who are searching for their lost dog Wrangler in the Hartford, CT area. If you live in the area please keep your keen eyes open for him.

Prayer Request for Lucky the Cat

From comment section:
My friend Sandy in Rio Rancho, NM lost Lucky Cat yesterday - an indoor cat that was frightened by a neighbor's dog. Lucky has been gone about 36 hours. Sandy has posted fliers, checked in with the shelter and has been looking throughout her entire housing area. Please pray for Lucky's safe return. My heart is aching for my friend, and for her cat I've never even met. Sandy believes so deeply, so I'm making this prayer request on her behalf. I have exhausted God's ear myself and will continue to do so. Thank you.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Prayer Request for Sadie the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my chocolate lab Sadie. She had surgery on her left back knee last year due to the ice and snow and tore her lateral ligaments .Now her right back leg is bothering her and she's limping. The vet said she may need surgery on that leg. We are giving her medicine and she how she is in 2 weeks. Pray for her healing so she dont need surgery.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good News! Teeny the Dog

From Wendy:
He was found today and is safe!!! Thank God!!! Thank you!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sad News - Monk the Dog

From Joseph:
I am sorry to tell you Monk passed yesterday. Thank you for your prayers

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request for Monk the Dog

From Joseph:
I know you don't know me. My dog is named Monk. She has been a very healthy dog and a most loyal friend to myself and my wife Rita. In the last week she has contracted toxin that has spread thru her system. Possibly from ingesting deer feces. She is very ill and odds are not in her favor. I am beside myself. She is my best friend and I am begging you to say a prayer for her the the antibiotic she is being given takes over and rids her of these toxins. Please. She goes everywhere with me. I sat with her last night and talked with her. She seemed to look and me like she always does but she is scared and confused. Please help her. I am praying for her. She needs a miracle

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Prayer Request for Rusty and Brandy

From comment section:
I would great appreciate if you will pray that my Rusty and Brandy return home safely our home is not the same without them here we love them and pray that they come home soon.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Prayer Request for Tanner the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for our precious Granddaughters dog Tanner...He has been suffering from seizures since yesterday...He is much loved and we pray that God in His mercy will heal him and return him to good health once again.Dear Saint Francis pray for Tanner...Amen

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prayer Request for Jigme the Dog

From Suzanne:
Please pray for my dog jigme , with some lymphomas , not cancerous . please pray the lymphomas will be healed very soon . the dog has been given great huge amounts of natural remedies , prayers , anointing oils , diets exercises massage etc. the stage now is the 1st main swelling above the front right leg has got smaller but drained into the armpit just underneath & that has a very small pocket of fluid next to that. while I can see the lymphomas are healing very slowly - the other people in the household over-react & get ranting & moaning & if the dog went to our vets who are not so honest out here - the vets would just operate or lie & it would be a terrible problem .

Prayer Request for Mickey the Cat

From Sugar Kane:
Please pray for my kitty Mickey, he got out of the house several days ago and we haven't been able to find him. He is blind in one eye and he has a breathing problem. I'm so scared and my heart hurts so bad. Please pray that we can find him and bring him home safe.

Prayer Request for Teeny Tiny

From Wendy:
Please pray for Teeny Tiny. He has been gone for three days without food and water. It's cold and raining. He is only 4 pounds and just rescued last Friday. He does not trust people. Many people have seen him and are trying to help, but he is to afraid to let anyone get him. I'm so worried. It's another cold night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prayer Request for Meili

From Odie:
please help me pray for my 12 years old Meili as she is diagnosed with broncho pneumonia, her respiratory rate is very high and she has been on antibiotics for 3 days now but signs of improvement is slow. I am very worried sick as I do not know if she's able to rest. I have not been able to sleep listening to her loud & fast breathing. she is still eating & drinking, which is a good sign. I need everyones prayer to help her go thru this tough period in fighting the bacteria in her lungs. help pray for me as well to have the strength to take care of her and make right decisions on her behalf.

Sad News - Flower the Dog


From H.L.:
My older sister's family dog Flower (only 2 years old) died unexpectedly and suddenly March. 2nd, 2015, Monday morning. Please keep my sister and her children in your Prayers please and thank you

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prayer Request for Rosie the Cat

From Dody:
Please Pray for a miracle for Rosie our beautiful cat who is sooooo the last few days we felt lumps in her chest and she is breathing hard......we have taken care of many feral cats over the years and do not have money to take to the vet....we are heart broken but believe in miracles....