Monday, September 29, 2014

Prayer Request for Ginger the Dog

From comment section: P
lease pray for my dog, GINGER. She is old and blind and somehow managed to dig a hole under the fence and ran away. She cannot find her way back and is really helpless and all alone. She is missing since Tuesday, 23 September. Please guide her back home safe. Thank you from all my heart.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Prayer Request for Munchkin the Dog

From Anna:
May I please ask for prayers for my friend's dog Munckin please amen
From Munchkin's owner:
She had liver shunt surgery and seemed to be doing great.... but Munchkins bile acid test came back very high .. a year and a half after surgery.. We know that God cares for our pets and we believe her being alive this long is a miracle.. she's just 2 years old and a happy sweet girl.. we are grateful for the prayers thank you

Friday, September 26, 2014

Prayer Request for a Pet Dog

From Trevor:
Seeking prayers for a friends mini poodle that was attacked in the park, the vet is concerned about damage to the eye. I'm hoping that this can open a dialogue about prayer and God's love. Bless you all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Prayer Request for Bhuri the Cat

From comment section: P
lease pray for my Bhuri, 1 year female cat who went away with my other indoor cats. Others were found but she is still missing since 16 hours. There are lots of stray dogs in our area. Please pray that she will come home safely and soon. -- Vandana (India)

Prayer Request for Lucky the Dog

From Fred:
Would you please pray for my dog lucky that he recovers quickly from what ever is making him I'll he is having a tough time Thank you.

Prayer Request for Giacomo the Cat

From Bonnie:
Will you post a prayer request for me for my cat Giacomo. He is so sick with vomiting and not eating. We have been to the vet and to the hospital. Yesterday was a long day. He is on anti-nausea, had an antibiotic, fluids, and appetite stimulant and blood work... He's had this stomach issue before, and he's (we're) having a really rough time of it. I just want him to feel better and eat, and be ok. Please pray for him, he's my best friend. Thank you,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Prayer Request for Tiger the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for our cat, TIGER. She is an indoor cat. She left our home September 6 & gone missing since then. We been looking for her everyday, calling her name but nothing comes out. Please help her & guide her to go home now...

Prayer Request for Chico the Dog

From comment section:
Our family dog has been missing since September 8. Sadly, that night we had just returned from burying my husband's mother. Pls pray for the safe rtrn of our Chihuahua Chico..we are all so distraught without our chico. His brothers, patches and Scotty also miss him terribly- he was the leader of THEIR pack :(

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sad News - Bear-Bear the Dog

From Audre:
Bear-Bear passed away this morning, September 19, 2014. I will miss her so much. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Baba the Dog

From Annie:
please pray for my dog baba hes ten n not very active today hes drinking water but not eating to well please st francis heal him amen hes my best friend

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prayer Request for Porsho the Dog

From Darlene:
Dear Lord, please put your healing hands to my dog, Porsho. We hope that he will have good result tomorrow. We hope that he doesn't have distemper condition. Please pray for my dog, Lord give him strength to overcome this :(

Prayer Request for Sassy the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of the little Siamese Sassy to her family in North Dakota. She is an indoor cat and afraid of the outside. Her family is heartbroken. Thank you for your prayers and faith.

Prayer Request for Hank the Dog

From Gail:
Please pray for my 10 month old yellow lab, Hank. He has hip dysplasia.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prayer Request for Mandy the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of Mandy, my yorkie. She helped me get through a rough time when my husband then my mom died a few months apart. She has been lost since August 18th. She has been seen but is very afraid since people chased her trying to catch her. It is starting to get cold at night and I am so worried about her. Please pray for her. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Gus the Dog

From Debi:
Please pray for my little Chihuahua Gus. He went missing on 9 Aug and we are still hunting. We are heartbroken and have done everything we know to do and then some. I keep praying we will get him home. He is our little baby. We can't have children and our pets are our children. Please pray that he is safe and fed but that we will get him back soon. I made a Facebook page called Bring Gus Home. Thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prayer Request for Winnie the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for our dear little cat, Winnie. We think she snuck out through an open door last night and we haven't seen her since. She's an indoor cat and has never been outside. We love her and miss her a lot. Please pray for her safe return.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Prayer Request for Alice the Dog

From Kathleen:
My daughter (Jennifer) and I live across the country from each other. She is distraught over her three year old lab mix who suddenly stopped during play and cannot walk. She is at the vet tonight. My heart is so sad for her and for Alice who is her best friend. She is so worried. I am humbled and touched by all the prayer requests for sick animals on your blog. Thank you and may G_d eternally bless you and all these loving owners and their wonderful pets. Please add Alice to your prayers.

Prayer Request for Lilly the Dog

From Shelley:
Please Pray for my friend Shannon's dog Lilly. She was protecting others and was attacked by a raccoon, she needs all our love to heal. Also a prayer for Shannon's step-father that came to Lilly's rescue

Prayer Request for Pepita the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for our lost kitty Pepita. She hasn't come home for four days now. Please pray that someone is able to find her and help her get home to us.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bear-Bear the Dog

"Bear-Bear and Little Bear"

From Audre:
My sweet, sweet precious girl, Bear-Bear is only 9 years old and is not doing well. I asked the Lord to let me have just one more birthday with her and He did. She turned 9 on September 4, 2014. I have had her since the day she was born. I inherited her mother when my ex-husband went to prison in the summer of 2005. Her mother, Recee was pregnant when I took her in. I already had a miniature schnauzer, a cat, and a bird and didn’t really want or need another pet. But Bear-Bear was afraid of humans and when adopting out the puppies she would not come out of the kennel so no one wanted her. For the first 3 months of her life she would only come out of the kennel to eat, drink, and go potty. She eventually became curious of Precious, my 4-year-old miniature schnauzer and K.C. (short for Kitty, my 10-year-old cat enough to venture out of her kennel for more than necessities. She was a very rambunctious, playful, and loving puppy once she came out of her shell and she drove Precious and K.C. to distraction. She got her name of Bear-Bear because as a puppy she looked just like a miniature grizzly bear...she was too cute. She has been a loyal, faithful, obedient, gentle, loving fur-baby, and companion for all of her life. She is a gift from God I didn’t know I needed. I am asking for prayers for her and for myself, that the Lord God would heal her completely. If this is not possible, because her time on earth has come to an end then I ask for our Heavenly Father to show us mercy and grace by taking her ever-so-gently from this earth to be with Him, peacefully while she sleeps. I have had to put down 2 beloved pets before, but I just cannot bring myself to walk that long and heart-wrenching road with Bear. And it breaks my heart to even think about her suffering or having a painful death, so I really need the Lord’s mercy and grace to endure her passing if this is her time. Bear-Bear has a half brother, Little Bear. His name and how he came to be is a long story, but he’s not little at Little Bear is 18 months her junior, they share the same mother, and he is also a gift from God I didn’t know I needed. Please include Little Bear in your prayers for us. Like his sister he too has been with me (and Bear-Bear) since birth on April 14, 2007. He will be at a loss and in grief without his sister, his friend, and his companion should the Lord decide it’s time for her to come home with Him. Thank you for letting me share a little bit of my precious Bear-Bear with you. God bless you for your sacrifice of prayer. Sincerely and in His love, Audre’ Mills PS Below is a picture of my babies taken by my daughter in the spring of 2008. It is the picture I cherish most of them together when they were both young, extremely playful, and inseparable. Bear-Bear is on the left and Little Bear is on the right.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prayer Request for Peach the Dog

From Kelly: P
lease say a prayer for our 2 month old American Blue Heeler, Peach. She was diagnosed with PARVO tonight. My 7 yr old son has not stopped crying. He's only had her since Sunday and they have a special bond. She will be quarantined 5-7 days. I am hoping to have as many people pray for her to make her stronger poor thing is down to 6 lbs. St. Francis please give her the strength to fight this virus. And for the doctors trying to heal her. Amen. Thanks for your prayers, AJ, Peach, Mommy & Daddy

Prayer Request for Pepper the Dog

From comment section:
Please help us to pray for our lost pet Pepper. Hoping he would find his way back home

Monday, September 8, 2014

Prayer Request for Ellie May the Cat

From comment section:
Please could you pray for the safe return of my fur baby my cat Ellie Mae she has been missing for 3 days now thank you.

Prayer Request for Bradley the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for Bradley an old jack Russell Terrier who is my daughters protector. He wandered off from his home in Cincinnati, Ohio. He watches over my daughter and my 3 year old grand-daughter relentlessly, after the tragic loss of my 27 year-old son-n-law. Please pray he is found and returned to us healthy, safely, and quickly. Our hearts break, our souls weep.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Prayer Request for Sasha the Cat

From Margie: My siamese companion Sasha be ok at the vets today. Lord she has been acting different . Meowing consistantly And stareing at me . She has watery eyes and I ask you to PLEASE JESUS BE WITH US ALSO AT VETS TODAY PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SASHA. Thank yo

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prayer Request for Sally the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray to St. Felix, St. Anthony and St. Francis of Assisi for Sally a retriever mix that jumped out of the car and ran away when she was brought to be boarded in Westfield, MA by her owner. She has been lost since August 23rd and has been spotted in Granby, CT and Southwick, MA numerous times. Pray that she is reunited safely with her family soon. They miss her terribly and are exhausted over trying to catch her since she is extremely timid and scared. Thank you.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Prayer Request for Creager the Dog

From Barbi:
PLEASE pray for my next-door neighbor's little lost dog, Creager! He is a small, multi-colored terrier/chihuahua...mostly black, w/ white & brown patches. He will not come to strangers. He somehow got out the door of their house this past Labor Day weekend, (9-1-14),& simply ran away, without anyone seeing him do so. Unfortunately, Creager wasn't microchipped, nor was he wearing his collar. As you can imagine, his owners are devestated!!! They have posted this on their FB page, & many friends & family members have helped them look for him, to no avail. Thank you very, very much, for your prayers for his safe return...

Prayer Request for Major the Puppy

From comment section:
Please pray for my daughter puppy Major. He has a critical allergic reaction to an antibiotic that his Vet. Rex. And it decreased his WBC count. That he can not fight infections. He has had one blood transfusion and is scheduled for a second one on tomorrow. Dear God I come to you for a miraculous healing for Major because you create animals and you are the great Healer. Amen.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prayer Request for Izzy the Dog

From Anna:
may I please ask for prayers for my friends dog Robin , Izzy she is not doing well at all God bless amen

Prayer Request for Hendrix the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for my little dog Hendrix. He has gone through multiple surgeries this month and each time, complications are showing up. If it is God's will, please make us understand and ease our pain from all that is happening. We pray in Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Prayer Request for Chupipita the dog.

From comment section:
pls pray for our dog chupipita, she was diagnosed with parvo yesterday, she is currently confined at an animal clinic and is being closely monitored.We hope she will recover and the vet says she's responding well.Dear Lord pls help her and pls pray for her.

Prayer Request for Shadow the Cat

From comment section:
Please please please pray for my little out door kitty shadow... have him come home... his daddies love him...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Update on Tom Petty the Dog

From Brian: U
pdate on Tom Petty: He spent almost 4 days in the hospital. We brought him home on Monday. He has resumed eating and his prior level of physical activity the last two days. Thanks for your prayers.

Update on Maude the Dog

From Kathleen:
You posted a prayer request for Maude the dog on April 5. Since then she's been given radiation therapy for her cancer. Radiation side effects can be severe and she had a tough time. We won't know for some time whether the treatment worked but our vet is cautiously optimistic about her chances of being cancer free. We are continuing to pray for her recovery. She is well enough to do her therapy dog duties so we've resumed visiting nursing homes. Thank you so much for hosting this site - it has been a comfort and a guide to me during this troubling time. I continue to pray for those pets and families who need blessings and comfort.

Patron Saint of Sick Animals and Injured Animals - St. Dwynwen

A friend to this blog shared this with us.

You can read more about her HERE.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Prayer Request for Patrick the Dog

From Terry:
Dear FB friends, please pray for our new rescue dog Patrick who we just rescued from a kill shelter 3 weeks ago. On Thursday he came down with IVBB (disc disease). He is in the hospital being treated however he is getting worse. Paralysis is setting in and surgery may be necessary however we do not have the $7,000. necessary to do it. Pray that St. Francis will heal him. We love him so. He is gentle loving and a blessing to have after our 15 year old Marty died in April. We appreciate all the prayers you can offer up.

Prayer Request for Chloe the Dog

From Jill:
please whoever reads i have a husky shepard named chloe pure white brown eyes 5yrs ols. She has a mammory gland tomor that needs surgery really bad. I cant find a vet that will help us because we cant pay in full. I can make a down payment than i can make payments after her surgery. Im in crystal lk illinois anyone know any vets that work with ya please let me know. God bless you all. My dog is very uncomfotable.