Friday, January 31, 2014

Prayer Request for Suzanne's Dogs

Thank-you for the wonderful website & all the links - am learning & reading often.
My pets are doing well , thanks to all the prayers.
We live in cape topwn s africa.
The household is a  bit stressful .
One problem we are having - sometimes, usually evenings or afternoons - 1 or both dogs sort of stumble or hobble/limp for 1 moment .I am sure some psycho-bully is using powers to create further scenes & cause my old parents to start shouting about euthanasia & vets & whatever.
am absolutely absolutely sure this is the case .
Please pray that the 2 dogs will stop this 'limping' - it stopped last time & just re-started few days ago.
It is stressful having old & young relatives & others who are demented or bullies/punks ....all the pets & me have special help already. some relatives are focused to get the dogs euthanased & I am having problems because of this.
All the other ailments of the dogs long ago I emailed - they are slightly healed . 1 dog red  -here pre-cataracts went within 2 days of the email request  -sometimes her eyes get bit cloudy again if certain people are around who seem to draw on animals when the the old people lose their sight . such bad elderlies are very dangerous & create havoc.
Thru your webs I found other prayer links to add & e.g. the other dog Jigme - his swellings went down faster after this - but the swellings/lymphomas are still there.& 2  or more little lumps ; & a severed saliva duct - still  a bit of a fold in the neck - hope the duct has sealed itself together & the last neck swelling will go away. the other swellings are lymphomas around the front right leg - outside & in the 'armpit'.  these were caused by accidental overdose of herbal wormwood tincture as he has copraphobia - wormwood is very poisonous in larger doses.
 the other little lumps were from tick bites.
Anyway - please pray the most recent problem  - the strange hobble-stumble when he or she gets up from lying down .

Prayer Request for Idea the Dog

From Manoo:
Idea once again needs prayers. She had been vomitting since morning till afternoon today. And it was very frequent. She was drinking water and throwing up. Then i took her to the vet at 4pm. She was on drip as she didnt eat anything and its 10:21pm and she is still without food and very very restless. Vet gave her some injections too. She didnt throw up after that. But she is still refusing to eat but drinking a lot of water now. And she is very restless. She is sleepy...very sleepy but not sleeping. Please pray for her healing. Its her 16th birthday on 2nd February. Thanks once again!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prayer Request for Petunia the Pig

From Ty:
Please pray for our pot bellied pig baby Petunia. She followed our dog off on a walk,dog has returned but without Petunia. We are worried sick about her.Praying for her to return home. It is extremely cold here now,please St.Felix help her find her way home.

Prayer Request for Apple the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for the return of our black lab Apple. St Felix, we ask for your help.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Bear Bear the Dog

"Bear Bear"
From Susie:
Need prayer for one of my fur babies,his name is Bear.Bear has heart trouble & is an older dog.We are not sure just how old because he was adopted from a bad home.He is moving VERY,very slow this morning,not wagging his tail ,things like this.God gave him back to use 2 X before when vets thought he would die.Please pray for him & God's will to be done .TYVM

Urgent Prayer Request for Casanova the Dog

From Terry:
tom we bring casanova tothe nerologist im praying it int a brain tumor and just side effects from the epilepsy . please pray for him and us i still havent gotten over losing my cleo

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prayer Request for Tui the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for the safe return of Tui, the cat we are looking after. Saint Felix intercede.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Luna the Dog

From Bea:
My son's puppy, an American bulldog, has consumed a bottle of Motrin and now her kidneys are failing. Her name is LUNA and she is in Montgomery, AL. right now being treated. They have given her a 50/50 chance but I KNOW THE REDEEMER AND THE GREAT HEALER. For His name is Jesus Christ! I am asking for you to come into agreement with me as two believers that satan HAS to remove his hands from her immediately and she will be restored to perfect health by my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. All the glory is given to Jesus Christ and He is the only way she can be healed!!!

Prayer Request for Outdoor Cat

From Susan:
Need prayers for outdoor cat who lived here before we moved in...she has been here for 6 years and only will come to me, she was a wild cat, but I ha her fixed and let her out back into the is cold out now and has not been seen for 3 days, she has a nice warm spot on the front porch with a heating pad and food but has not returned, we live in the country with woods on one side and a creek and marsh on the others sides, please pray for her return, I just cannot imagine what might have happened to her...she would only come to me....thank you

Prayer Request for Zoe the Dog & all Pets suffering from cold weather

From Karen:
Please pray for Zoe, my nephews dog who went missing in Woodbridge VA yesterday afternoon....and prayers for all the animals suffering in this cold weather.

Prayer Request for Bella the dog

From Venitia:
please pray for my dachshund dog bella she was let out on Monday at 1pm januray 21 2014 and she hasn't been back we had her for 4 years she always stayed home she never done this we have looked for her nothing thank you

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Prayer Request for Buzz the Dog

From Comment section:
My loyal pal buzz (4 1/2 year old portuguese water dog) is at this moment in icu fighting for his life. Please pray for his bone marrow to heal and function normally to protect him from deadly infections. Pray for his fever to break and return to normal. Pray that he not be afraid. Most of all, please pray and send him your healing love so that he fully recovers and returns home healthy, happy and whole. This is the first time we have ever been apart. He has taught me so much about life already but we need more time together for the lessons to be complete.

Urgent Prayer Request for Lyla the Dog

From Gina:
Please pray for our Lyla. A 12 year old Boxer who I believe is starting her journey. We love her so much, pray for her peaceful crossing.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Prayer Request for Arizona

From comment section:
Please pray for Arizona's return home to her owner.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Prayer Request for Cooter the Cat

From Ernie:
Please pray for our cat Cooter he has breathing problems and won't eat.

Prayer Request for Echo the Cockatiel

From Chelsea:
Please pray for Echo the cockatiel he is outside the house in very cold weather. Burlington, NC

Prayer Request for Phoebe the Cat

From Anna:
Please pray for my cat, Phoebe. She was diagnosed with lymphoma in her pancreas and spleen. We just lost her sister to cancer 3 months ago. My heart is breaking.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Bruin the Dog


From Carla: I would like to ask for prayers for our former foster bloodhound, Bruin (fka Spud). He was born with a heart defect that is worse than we thought. His adoptive mom shared this with us: After completing all the testing the cardiologist came to explain everything. Bruin has a mild to moderate mitral valve dysplasia, mild to moderate pulmonic stenosis, and a severe subaortic stenosis. It is the last part that is the worst. The doctor told me that normal pressures were under 40 and severe was 80, he measured Bruin at 152. Basically it doesn’t look good for the little guy. I was told that if his pressures stay where they are Bruin might be able to make it to 4 years old but if they increase (which he thinks they will because he isn’t done growing yet) then his life expectancy is more like another year or maybe two.

We are so brokenhearted for Bruin's short life expectancy, but also for his mom who waited so long to get him, now is faced with a shortened life with him. He is one of those special pups who steals an especially large part of your heart and we are so thankful he has a mom who is willing to do what is necessary to help him.

Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Marty, Chico and Maya the Dogs

From Sally:
Please please pray for my friend Barbara's dog Tipper and my pups Marty, Chico and Maya. Tipper and Marty have cancer and Chico has Cushings. God Bless.
NOTE: Prayer request for Tipper was previously posted.

Updated Prayer Request on Robere the Cat

From Robert:
Robere is still missing - almost 4 months now. Please keep the prayers going. For those in the Welland area -

Prayer Request for Butters the Cat

From comment section:
please let my kitty butters be alive and come home to me. i miss and love him so much.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Prayer Request for Rufus the Dog

From Breanne:
Please say a prayer for our lost dog Rufus. We love him so much. We just had a baby, and he loves Rufus and needs his furry brother around to protect him. Thank you!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prayer Request for Bailey the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for my cat Bailey who has barely eaten for a week and has failed to respond to treatment. Please pray his digestive tract and pancreas will be healed so he can once again eat and enjoy his remaining years on earth. Please pray he is healed, if it is Gods will, or may he pass on without suffering. Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Margaux

From Lori:
Dear friends, my beloved little girl, Margaux, is slowly dying after being my heart fior over 18 yrs. I am truky broken and so afraid. I pray for the Lord's strength to do what I need to do for her comfort though it will kill me in the process. I don't know how I will cope with life without her but I will just have to try. She will be joined with her brothers and littermates when she reaches the Bridge. I pray one day I will see her and my beloved Winston (her brother) again and that our little family will be together again. I love you with my whole being, Margaux.

Annell's Answered Prayers

From Annell: Just found out we were chosen to adopt the dog we applied for!! Thank you for all the prayers!! We feel so blessed. God Bless you all!! Special Prayer Request.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prayer Request for Teddy the Dog

From Ross: Please pray for our dog Teddy, a white maltese/poodle mix, who is missing since January 4, 2014 at the Westlake area in Daly City, California. We love and miss him so much. Please join us in praying for his safety and for Jesus to send someone to rescue him, to protect and care for him until he finds his way back home to his family. Thank you. Publish Delete Mark as spam Moderate comments for this blog. Posted by Ross to Prayers for Our Pets at January 15, 2014 at 6:11 PM

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prayer Request for Taz the dog

From Amanda: Taz is an all black domestic shorthair adult male cat who went out Saturday January 11th and hasn't come home. He was wearing a collar with tag and a bell. We live in Massachusetts and it's cold out. Please pray that he finds his way home we miss him terribly. Thank you Amanda

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Special Prayer Request

From Annell:
I found your name under a blog for St. Roch. My husband and I lost our beautiful Ginger at the end of August. We are now ready to love another dog and applied to adopt one. We just found out we are not the only ones in contention for the dog. He reminds us so much of Ginger and we would definitely give him a good home. Would you possibly put in a prayer to St. Roch for us as we are praying too. Thank you,

Special Prayer Request for a Found Dog

From Jeanette:
Hi, a lost dog found his way unto my family's farm Friday night ( Jan 10 ). He has a collar but no tags. He is probably a doberman or a mix. He might be a puppy. I am thinking he doesn't know his way home. We are trying to find the owners. But also worry that he may have been dumped. I have three dogs of my own and they aren't being friendly to our visitor. So please pray that we are able to find this lost dogs owners and while he is staying with us that my three dogs become more friendly towards him. Thank you and God Bless.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Abby the Dog

From Denise:
Please pray for my friend's beautiful happy go lucky white german shepherd, Abby. She is diagnosed with staph infection and needs prayer. Thank you and God bless you and all the pets in need.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sad News - Pitney the Cat

From Jan:
I heard from my daughter this morning that her kitty, Pitney has passed over The Rainbow Bridge. My daughter had sent a picture of Pitney. He passed away very peacefully: "This is how I found him just [looked like a] comfy little kitty sleeping on the snuggie on the couch." Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for her kitty, Pitney.
Please say a prayer for their family.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Buddy the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray for our sweet Shih-Tzu, Buddy. He has a liver shunt and is very, very ill. Thank you!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request for Pitney the Cat

From Jan:
I need ...prayers for Pitney. He's taken a sudden turn for worse. Thank you!

Prayer Request for Winnie the Dog

From Kim:
Please pray for Winnie, our one year old pup who is sick. We love her so and just want her to be well.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bella the Dog

From Richard:
Please pray for my 11 year old pointer Bella, who is ill with possible liver disease. She is my dearest friend and companion, and I can't imagine life without her. Please God, don't let her suffer.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Prayer Request for Baba the Rabbit

From Angela:
Thank you for your blog. We would like to submit a prayer request for our rabbit Baba who has dental problems and is having difficulty recovering from recent oral surgery.

Sad News - Lola the Dog

From Liz:
On New Years day we lost our 9 mos old Lab , Lola, to a tragic accident. She was a blessing that came into our lives during a time of challenge for our family. Little did we know when we got her that only 2 mos later our son would be diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. Her love was what kept us grounded during this challenging time we were to face. She provided each of us with unique support at the end of each day. Giving my son a bright spot to look forward to each day and also waiting for him when he would come home from hospital stays for chemo treatments. She was our inner glue. All to be taken tragically from us on a day of new beginnings. Jan 1st. The heartache is indescribable to any pet we've lost. I think because we didn't get to give her the life she so deserved. I feel I let her down by not protecting her. As day 3 of grieving continues so deep, I'm trying to find the answer of why she was taken , the one thing that brought us happiness during such a hard time for our family..... So I am seeking to find a deeper faith, a prayer... Anything to help ease this pain we each feel. It hurts so that it takes my breath with grief. Please help us through this to see some light. I pray....

Friday, January 3, 2014

Prayer Request for Foxy Faith the Dog

From Wendy:
Prayers needed for Foxy Faith as she will need surgery to remove a possible hernia. She is a cute dog and the hernia is about half it size it looks, (she is little). Thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Fionn

From Sandra:
please keep Fionn in your prayers as he faces his surgery his toughest battle yet tk you

Prayer Request for Cocoa the Dog

From Olga:
Urgent Prayers Request for Cocoa the Dog

Prayer Request for Rocket the Dog

From Jan:
Please pray for the safe return of Rocket. He was taken from home and they would like him back. He has a facebook page for more info. A white siberian husky, bi-eyed taken from northern Indiana.

Urgent Prayer Request for Leonard the Dog


From Nancy:
Please pray for poor Leonard. He has an autoimmune disorder. He has been in a lot of pain most of his life. He may not be with us much longer.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Prayer Request for Noel the Dog

From Donnie:
Please pray for my dear 9.5 year old chocolate lab, Noel. She is a part of our family and my wife and I consider her our first child. She had to have a mass removed from her intestine and underwent the surgery several days ago. Along with praying for her continued recovery and to get back to her normal self again, please, please pray for the mass to be benign. We are awaiting the results of the pathology report and are still hoping that it is somehow benign. I pray that it is. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request for Boots the Cat

From comment section:
St. Anthony, Please lead my cat Boots back home. He is a house cat who ran out the door this morning and it is freezing outdoors. I pray that we find him.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prayer Request for Possum the Cat

From Martha:
Please pray that Possum, the cat, returns home safe and sound and soon.

Urgent Prayer Request for Spunky the Dog

From Susie:
Spunky has really been thru a lot this year & to be honest I don't think she will make it another year with us.Her breathing is getting harder for her.I let her stay inside all the time now,she stays beside my desk on puppy pads (because of leakage) ,but with 2 little clip on fans that R turned on almost all day long,even at the coldest temps.Her arthritis & illnesses have weaken her back in & back legs so bad she can barely walk at times.In the A M she falls down just trying to get up to go outside.Her whole back in just falls out from under her & flop,there she goes.She has to take antibiotics every month now at least one round,sometimes 2.With the way arthritis has eaten up her back & hips I do not see how the poor things even gets up,let alone walk. She is on pills for bladder leakage , anti-inflammatory & pain everyday,3-4 x daily.But during all this, that will stubby tail that bulldog mixes has wags when she comes near U as best as she can wag it anymore.I cry almost every time I see her do this ! I named her Spunky as a pup cause she had a LOT of spunk & she still has more than any human I ever saw that was in such bad shape as she is.She goes to vet at least every other month to 2 months for blood work & check up,unless anything comes up before. The vet says she is more concerned with Spunkys heart & lungs now more than anything ! She has heart worms,not as bad but she does,they have taken a toll on her heart & lungs ,plus all the other things she has wrong.Please remember her in your prayers too,I thanks you all .God Bless

Prayer Request for Layla the Dog

From Serena:
My dog Layla went outside last night (midnight 2014) with my husband and son when they were lighting fireworks for the new year in Evansville, IN. She did not come back. She has been my buddy through the loss of my mom and a move from a different city. Can you please pray she comes back safe and sound. thank you.