Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Looran the Dog

From Roxana: P
lease add Looran (Scottish terrier) to your prayers. She has been diagnosed with mammary cancer. God bless!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Prayer Request for Cocoa and Smokey the Puppies

From Wendy:
Cocoa and Smokey-2 Burned Puppies need prayers for healthy recovery!!! Thank you!

Prayer Request for Cullen the Cat

From the comment section:
My cat, Cullen, never made it home last night. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, who always comes in around dark for dinner. He is almost four years old, a white and orange, long haired male cat with a very loving, friendly personality. We live in a subdivision near some woods / green space so I am worried about what may be out there. Please help me by praying for his safe return. Thank you.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prayer Request for Cooper the Dog

From Janet:
Please pray for my beautiful dog Cooper. He is only 8 years old. He is not eating and just not acting like himself. I love him so much and I am so sad.

Sad News - Lady and Bear

From Mary Jane:
I am at the Seelos Shrine for the Healing Mass on Sunday. Lillian is requesting prayers for her son Kirk and his wife Gay. They adopted brother and sister (born on same day) Bear and Lady. Now they were put to sleep on Thursday. Lady had cancer and Bear had a stroke. Both were very sick and a decision was made. As you can imagine, Kirk and Gay are grieving and very sad. ... God bless you,
Please keep Kirk and Gay in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Foster the Cat

From Makenna:
Please pray for my cat named Foster. He has been missing ever since April 22nd. My whole family is worried and hopes that he's okay.

Urgent Prayer Request for Lil' Bit the Cat

From the comment section:
Please pray for our cat, Lil' Bit. 16 years young, he was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure and hyperthyroidism last year. He has had allergies for about 5 years, now. It's usually all under control, but this is a particularly bad bout this time. He has totally stopped eating and is very weak. He is usually happy healthy and strong despite the thyroid and allergy issues. Please pray for his total healing and for him to get his appetite back and start eating on his own, again- as well as for his allergies to clear up so that he may breathe properly again. Thank you for caring so much. I will keep all beloved pets and their owners in my thought and prayers.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Prayer Request for Buddy

From Comment section:
Please pray for my 12yr JRT, Buddy....he could be diagnosed with lymphoma..i will find out tuesday..pls let it be just a bad infection. I'm not able to have children he and his mom are my children

Prayer Request for Lily the Cat

From Jodi:
Please pray for my 11 year old Ragdoll cat Lily. She was just diagnosed with lymphoma that has spread to several other organs. Thank you so much

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sad News - Buddy the Dog

From Jan:
Thoughts and prayers for comfort for my friend and Buddy's 'sister', Katie needed, Esther. Buddy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, thank you, Esther: "Good old Buddy had a long fight but passed away in his sleep this afternoon. He seemed to come back from the original infection but I don't think he ever really got over it. He slowed down a lot over the past six months, or more, and within the past few days he wouldn't eat much - almost seemed like he knew or was just too tired. We were to go back to the Vet today to see what more could be done, so we let him have a snooze before going......but when we went to get him ready he was gone. Guess he said, "No more Vets for me". I had a good time with him this past weekend for remembrance anyway.....Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and advice......"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sad News - Cat

From comment section:
This morning when I was on my way to work, there was a yellow tabby kitten laying in the middle of the road. He was not moving, but the tail was flipping back and forth. He or she had been hit by a car. It was raining and the temperature was low. I parked my car on the parking lot and walked over to where he was, I wanted to see if I could help, but of was too late. Someone had obviously dropped him off as there are no houses, just businesses. I cried, and said my own prayer for him or her. I asked God to please have his angels take him in their wings. Please say a prayer for this abandoned Kitty.
Please say a prayer for all those animals and for those who mourn their passing.

Prayer Request for Pickles the Cat

From Jade:
I came across your lost pets prayer on the Internet whilst looking for one to say tonight. I tried to leave a comment and saw that I could email you. Please could you pray for my missing cat Pickle.. He has been missing a week now and I am terribly worried.. I would really appreciate it if you could spare the time to add him to your prayer list. Thank you for your time, God bless,

Prayer Request for Cocky the Bird

From comment section:
Please pray for return of pet galah cockatoo of over 30 years, "Cocky" who has been missing for last 3 months

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prayer Request for Jane Dog in Romeo

From Wendy:
This poor dog was found and is suspected to have been a bait dog. She is on her way to Wilson's vet in Romeo right now. Please say a prayer for this poor baby. She has no name that I am aware of at this time so call her Jane Dog in Romeo, thank you.

Prayer Request for Buddy the Dog

For Susan, from Trevor:
Asking for prayer for a friend's dog 'Buddy'. Possible Liver problems but nothing black and white yet, please pray for Susan, her family and companion 'Buddy'

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sad News - Hershey the Dog

From comment section:
Please keep Belen and Tony in your prayers.

Good News! Violet the Cat

From her owner:
I just wanted to write and thank you so so much - violet found her way home last night! I will continue to pray for all the animals listed above.

Update on Justice the Cat

From the owner: Update on Justice
First off thank all for the prayers for Justice. He spent all of Thursday evening and about 1/2 of Friday at the vets getting "hospitalization" treatment. They believe he may be diabetic. Brought him home Friday evening with special food, but he is still not eating. Called the vet today and they told me to try other food just a little. He took 2 bites. I have force fed him liquids about 3 times today with a syringe. If he doesn't start eating or drinking water on his own within the next 1 1/2 hours I am to contact the vet again. I pray that he will accept the new diet and begin to eat. My heart is breaking watching him ...

Urgent Prayer Request for Scooby the Dog

From Tina:
Good day Esther,please pray for my sick dog Scooby who is about 10 yrs old,the Vet just phoned me that she can't eat and is now unable to stand nor walk..da Vet tried to put her on drip for food supplement but she can't recover and also because of old age is suggesting to put her to sleep.I'm so touched I have been crying a lot,is it normal to grieve fr my dog,she was part of my family nd ws very close to my 2 year old boy

Prayer Request for Chase the Pet

From Ashley:
Please pray for my baby Chase who has been missing since Sunday 04/14/2013. My family and I are absolutely devastated and would appreciate all of your prayers for Chase's safe return. Thank you and God bless,

Friday, April 19, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Piglette

From Piglet's owner:
My baby Piglette has cancer and she is not responding to chemo. All I have left are prayers. A Wolf

Prayer Request for Violet the Cat

From comment section:
I am so glad to have found this beautiful prayer. I am praying for all the pets mentioned above. Our kitty Violet got out yesterday. She's an indoor cat and has been with us for almost a year. We took her in as a feral kitten and she's slowly acclimated to our life and living with humans. We have her mom as well and the two are inseparable. She is hard to catch because she is still super shy. We pray that she is staying close to home and that she eats the food in the trap we have outside. It's our only hope. Her mom misses her as do we.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prayer Request for Justice the Cat

From Comment section:
Asking prayers for my cat Justice who hasn't eaten more than 8 pieces of dry cat food today and drank a little. He will be 14, I have had him since he was a very small kitten. He had surgery and 4 teeth removed in January. A week later we lost his mother and companion for almost 10 years. I have an appointment in about an hour at the vet's for him. Prayers for a positive outcome . Thank you

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Prayer Request for Cody the Dog

From Lee Ann:
Please pray for Cody my cocker spaniel that has been missing since december from linden nj. Please pray for his safe return and pray that he is safe.

Urgent Prayer Request for Daisy the Dog

From Rosalinda via Mary Jane:
Please, we need your prayers. Our beautiful 10 year old Beagle, Daisy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is struggling with her breath, her appetite, and moving around. She also is in pain, because has a dislocated disc, so she cannot climb to her favorite chair. She is the center of our Family, and our greatest companion. I will appreciate your prayers for our beautiful Beagle dog, Daisy. God Bless,

Urgent Prayer Request for Romeo the Cat

From Debra:
Please pray that my sweet Romeo the cat shows up for breakfast in the morning... He is always home before dark... He's not here. He's 14 years old and he's THE BEST AND MOST SPOILED ROTTEN CAT ON EARTH. Please, please, please pray him home. My heart is broken...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update on Willow the Cat

From Tammy:
Thank you.... Her vet just called and she said her blood panel looks great!!! She does need a tooth extracted though : ( thanks for the prayers!

Urgent Prayer Request for Chika the Puppy

From Linda:
Please pray for my puppy (Chika) she's been sick for four days, she's in the hospital and not getting better, she's got Parvo and has a slim chance of making it. Today I will decide whether to continue her treatments at the hospital or take her out of her misery, she's just too sick and I have a decision to make today. If our prayers make a complete turnaround then I'll continue her treatments, it's just gotten extremely expensive and my bill is just growing and growing and i'm stressed out about how i'm going to pay for this. Please pray for her prompt recovery.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer for Katie

From comment section:
Please my dearest St. Francis,Intercede for me, and my beloved Katie the help she needs to recover. In God's holy name and your interception, Amen

Prayer Request for Pouf the dog

From comment section:
I want to leave a prayer for my dog pouf. My parents came to visit me for their holidays and left pouf at a friends place, after 2 days she ran away. it has already been 1 week and we have got no news of her. please pray for her that we get her back safe and sound. we are so worried for her..thank you..

Good News - Jenna the Dog

From Stephanie:
Thank you so much for your prayers. Jenna has recovered. Her Mom is very grateful to you all.

Urgent Prayer Request for Joey the Dog

From Linda:
I just found out my dog Joey has either bone cancer or arthritis. The vet does not have hope for his recovery but I believe in miracles. Please keep Joey in your prayers. Thank you so much.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jaxson the Dog

From Lou Ann: "... Have a prayer request to be posted for a very ill dog in need, please . . . . Prayers would be so appreciated for Jaxson, a Newfoundland who is very ill with cancer. Jaxson is a very special member of his family and they are asking for prayers, loving him and humbly requesting prayers that he not suffer. Thanks so very much, most appreciated...."

Urgent Prayer Request for Benjamin the Puppy

From Jane:
Hi please pray for the immediate restoration and recovery of my baby puppy Benjamin who's suffering from parvo virus. please help me pray this prayer for him thank you so much and Godbless. A Prayer by Saint Francis of Assisi, for our Animal Friends Heavenly Father, our human ties with our friends of other species is wonderful and special gift from You. We now ask You to grant our special animal companions your Fatherly care and healing power to take away any suffering they have. Give us, their human friends, new understanding of our responsibilities to these creatures of Yours. They have trust in us as we have in You; our souls and theirs are on this earth together to give one another friendship, affection, and caring. Take our heartfelt prayers and fill Your ill or suffering animals with healing Light and strength to overcome whatever weakness of body they have. Benjamin. Your goodness is turned upon every living thing and Your grace flows to all Your creatures. From our souls to theirs goodness flows, touching each of us with the reflection of Your love. Grant to our special animal companions long and healthy lives. Give them good relationships with us, and if You see fit to take them from us, help us to understand that they are not gone from us, but only drawing closer to You. Grant our prayer through the intercession of good St. Francis of Assisi, who honored You through all Your creatures. Give him the power to watch over our animal friends until they are safely with You in eternity, where we someday hope to join them in giving You honor forever. Amen.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prayer Request for Willow the Cat

From her owner:
I’m requesting prayers for Willow my Persian kitty baby. She is due for her annual exam tomorrow and I’m asking for prayers for her to maintain great health, especially of her kidneys PLEASE!!! Please pray that her blood panel levels that they will draw tomorrow comes back PERFECT and that she maintains great levels. (And for a safe, stress-free ride for her). I’m just praying she maintains great health!!!! She is MY BEST FRIEND…..thank you for your help.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Prayer Request for Chula the Dog

From Gloria:
Please send prayers for my friend Mary S. dog Chula she has trouble walking and dragging her hind legs.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bruce the Cat

From Gloria:
Please pray for my friends cat Bruce he might lose one of his paws.

Sad News - Conan the Dog

From Linda:
Please pray for my Conan (10 yr old Cocker Spaniel) We just rushed to the vet, dehydrated and lethargic....Thank you :(
Just posted: Conan died this morning. Please pray for Linda.

Urgent Prayer Request for Mickey the Puppy

From comment section:
Please pray for my 6 month old puppy Mickey to get well and be the happy puppy he once was. . He is not eating and is vomiting. I think it may be Parvo. We have gone through this before and it is devastating. He had his shots. I do not have avy money to take him to the vet. We love him so much! Thank you!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Prayer Request for Thelma

From Wendy: Please send prayer our for ♥ Thelma ♥ She came into the ER through Animal Control -we named her Thelma bc we didn't want her to just be a # number

Urgent Prayer for Lola the Cat

From comment section:
Please pray for our three year old cat Lola who has a rare lymph node disorder that makes it hard for her to breathe.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Feast of Divine Mercy

Urgent Prayer Request for Becky the Pet

From Anna:
Hello you have a beautiful page Bless you , May I please ask for prayers for my Becky she was born with defective liver and near died , she had surgery on January 8 to reoair her little sick liver , may i ask for prayers through the weekend Tuesday is a very crucila day for us she goes for special blood work to see if her sugery was succesful and her liver has healed and she can live a long and healthy life Amen Anna and Becky

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Patrick, Joanne's Pet

From Joanne:
Please keep our boy, Patrick, in your thoughts, this Saturday. He's going to be joining his brother's and sister's, on the Bridge, he was a wonderful boy and beautiful and he gave us 15 1/2 wonderful year's. We thank you, Paddy. ♥

Special Prayer Request for a Pet

From comment section: (I am posting verbatim. However, I do not understand the last sentence.)
Dear lord I meant no harm but with these hard times I couldn't any longer afford to take care of my pet like i should have.so we decided to rehome him with no guaranteed of him being healthy.His new owner was disappointed that she had to care for him with a minor sickness please I pray to you for him that she opens her heart for forgiveness understanding and compassion. Worried sick that now shell seek revenge in legal actions foe money. I'm most concerned about the sofa health.

Urgent Prayer Request for Kaci the Dog

From Hendrick:
I was hoping if you could say a prayer for my baby girl, Kaci. She is a 10-year old Terrier/German Shepherd mix and she is such a loving and loyal dog. She was diagnosed yesterday with pancreatic cancer and it has spread to her liver. She has been having seizures as a reaction to the low blood sugar due to the insulin that her pancreas is over producing. The vet said she may have 6 months to a year but her cancer is advancing rapidly. I have been praying every night for God to send us a miracle to cure Kaci. My heart is broken and I can't stop crying from the pain of losing her. I love her so much and I am just devastated. Please help us. Thank you so much for your time.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Mya the Dog

From Courtney:
Please for my Rat terrier Mya she was hit by a car and needs surgery on her hip and possible on a ruptured bladder.

Urgent Prayer Request for Ruby the Kitten

From Mary:
Please pray for one of my former foster kittens Furball now Ruby. She is at death's door at the moment. Hope she will turn that corner. She is only a baby about 8 months old or so.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request for Madison the Dog

From comment section:
Madison was found dumped in the streets. When she arrived at shelter, she was scared, emaciated, covered in fleas, had raging demodectic mange and raw skin from chemical burn on her back.

Urgent Prayer Request for Petunia the Dog

From comment section:
Please say a prayer for Petunia that was abused, and is nursing puppies she just bore......

Sad News - Clyde the Dog

From Donna:
Please pray for the plush family for Clyde has gone to heaven. To lose a pet is also very heart breaking . I pray for peace and comfort in theses days to come. Clyde will be missed by his doggie friends.

Sad News Cleo the Cat

From Jan:
would you please post a prayer request for comfort for my sister? Her kitty, Cleo was about 17 years old and had been ill for a year or so. Here is my sister's email: "I have some sad new to share...I had to take Cleo in to the vet to go to kitty heaven today. She had a horrible day yesterday. I won't go into details, but she was telling me it was time to go. I'm doing okay. Just sad and really don't want to think about it much less talk about it."