Friday, September 28, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Whoopie the dog

From Ria:
Please still pray for my baby Whoopie... her struggle was not yet over. i returned her to the veterinary clinic today for confinement. she vomit twice yesterday and this morning three times. her doctor said her liver (sgpt) was higher 3x than the normal and it's not good for her condition after the operation. my heart breaks everytime i leave her because whoopie was not used to be in a place where she is not familiar with and somebody she doesn't know. i just hope and pray that she will make it. Please LORD help my most precious baby whoopie.

Urgent Prayer Request for Shogun the Dog

From Shirley:
Please pray for my Shogun he has fluid build up in him. The cost of the surgery is almost 10,000, which I can not afford so I am asking for prayers. I love him and he loves me.

 Bless you and all animals in need

Updated Prayer Request for Taz the Dog

From Angel:
I received some good news from our Vet! He woke up today, lifted his head, drank water and started licking his food! Thank you God! Thank you for your prayers. Please continue on praying for his full recovery. God knows how much our family appreciates it! May God bless your kind soul,

Prayer Request for Toto the Dog

From Ana:  My Dog, a small Yorkie by the name of Toto, has gone missing Saturday 9/22/12. 

He doesn't run off but does wonder to the edge of the property where motorist and cyclist have tried to pick him up in the past, perhaps thinking he's lost. That morning I let him out and he didn't come back. 

He's small about 10 lbs, 8 years old, and very well behaved. He loves to get into bags of any kind, he's a "traveler" with me so as soon as he hears a bag or a zipper he gets excited. We really miss him and want him back desperately- Please pray for his safe return quickly. 

Thank you! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Rose's Dog

From Rose on our Facebook page:
Please pray for amber my 10 year old golden retriever battling nasal cancer :.(

Prayer Request for Shadow

From comment section:
Please pray for my baby shadow who was recently diagnosed with slipped kneecap. Hoping surgery could be avoided at all cost. Shadow has had surgery in the past due to a different conditioned and surgery had to be stopped twice due to vet loosing him. Keep him in your prayers

Update on Whoopie the Dog

From Ria: Thank you very much for all the prayers for my baby Whoopie. It was a successful operation. She's now under the recovering period. God Bless you all!!!

Urgent Prayer Request for Cocoa the Dog

From Debra:
Please pray for my sisters dog Cocoa. She just had a 2nd seizure in 4 days.

Update on Eddie the Dog

From Susan:
‎(update on my dog Eddie) Eddie is doing well. He still has his bad day's with his heart...But he is happy...And still loves to play every day.

Prayer Request for Lawrence the Cat

From Rita on our Facebook page:
Please pray for Lawrence, a rescue cat who is very poorly

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer Request for Angel the Cat

From Suzi on Facebook:
Please pray for my elderly Siamese kitty, Angel.She has a serious gum infection and has become listless and the vet could only give her a very powerful antibiotic injection yesterday. She was eating and drinking ok before the injection. She does tricks just like a trained circus dog does. She is a "WEDGEHEAD purebred Siamese one of the true Siamese from Siam, the most favored of the Buddist priests. I rescued her at age 5 over 10 yrs ago when her owner died suddenly. She is my constant companion and my service cat. If my blood sugar gets too low, she nuzzles me to awaken and and if I my son or I leave a pot unattended too long, she runs around "MAAAAWING repeatedly until we tend to the kettle,etc. She is seal pt and extremely petite. She is a retired breeder mama kitty who is the most special and loving and perfect cat I have ever owned. She has NEVER soiled the floor by not using her litter box. My son,Jake,and I ask that you pray for her and ask for our Lord to come to her rescue and let her have many more years of life with us! Thanks.,

Update on Bo and Sadie the Dogs

From Lou Ann who shared the email:
Wanted you all to know, Bo and and Sadie are safe!! Dale (the FOB I mentioned in an earlier email) contacted a lady in Huntsville who has helped our ABR rescue group in the past (hmmm, bet Alex didn't know his ABR site is used to describe a group of dog rescuers - and horses, of courses!!). She has about 6 dogs but will take these two for a couple of weeks. That gives the Bulldog Rescue in Tampa some breathing room to locate foster/adopters. It's maddening when someone expresses interest and then does not immediately fill out and submit an application form to the rescue. The rescue lady is working on that now. We will all worry about setting up transport later - heck, I might even get to meet them! As soon as the foster offer was made, I sent one more confirmation email to all concerned and then phoned in the bail money. Had a hard time holding back the tears - I was so dadburned relieved. There is still work to be done but for now, they are getting out of jail.

Prayer Request for Ernie the Dog

From Gretchen: I humbly request that a prayer request be posted for my dog Ernie. He gets testing done tomorrow. Please pray that he will be ok and nothing they find is serious. Please also pray that he is not too scared by what is happening. thank you and many blessings. Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is With Thee Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women and Blessed is the fruit of thy Womb Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for Us Sinners Now and at the Hour of our Death Amen thank you ..

Reminder: St. Francis' Feast Day Coming up - Pet Blessings

Picture source

October 4th is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. Traditionally, this is the day for our pets to get blessed. If your church is not having a pet blessing for the parishioners,  try asking your parish priest to bless your pet. Call and make an appointment. In the event that is not an option, you can bless your pet yourself with the following prayer:


Lord God,
You have made all living things
and You are even more wonderful
than the things You have made.
We thank You for giving us our pets
who are our friends
and who give us so much joy in life.

Bless this Pet.
May it give us joy and remind us of Your power.
May we realize that 
as our pets trust us to take care of them,
so we should trust You to take care of us,
and in taking care of them
we share in Your love for all Your creatures.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

This blessing can be used by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  Note to Catholics:  If you have Holy Water available, be sure to bless your pet with the Holy Water.

Prayer source:  New Saint Joseph's People's Prayer Book.

Urgent Prayer Request for Joanne's Pet

Joanne on Facebook:
Please say a prayer that my girl starts to eat, she had her 1st chemo. TYVM. God Bless.

Urgent Prayer Request for Pippo the Dog

From Dignalea on Facebook:
Please pray for out dog "Pippo". He is 8 years old and has no more appetite due to stones and calcification in his liver. His liver is no longer functioning. We released him from the hospital this morning and brought him back home so we can tell him how much we love him.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prayer Request for Baby the Cat

From Susan on Facebook:
please pray that my mom cat baby comes back home shes been missing for two days and she misses him so much, she looked every where and is so worried.

Urgent Prayer Request for Whoopie the Dog

From Ria:
Please pray for my beloved dog whoopie. She was diagnosed with close type pyometra. Her schedule of operation is on September 27, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Please pray for her safe operation and fast recovery. She's my everything... I love her more than I love myself...
Please pray for her vet/surgeon too.

Prayer Request for Whitey and Fattie the Ferrets

From the Ferrets' owner: hi, my 2 female pet ferrets whitey & fattie have been missing for two months and due to certain information we know that someone has then and has not looked for the owners. Please pray for the people who found them to have a change of heart and return the ferrets to us. Thank you so much! We miss them immensely,

Update on Cubby the Dog

From Toots:
Prayers are answered, our Cubby is doing much better. The vet said he has a muscle sprain/pull in his right shoulder & possible pinched nerve in his neck. His lethargy was due to pain. He never whimpered so we didn't know. She said with a weeks rest he should be good or as good as an old man can be. Thank you all for your prayers & my prayers go out to all in here.

Prayer Request for Emma

From Webster on Facebook:
Please pray for Emma that her infections go away

Prayer Request for Bandit the Dog

From Elvina: I have an 8 year old sheltie that has been missing for 5 months. I am doing everything possible to get him home. He pulled out of his collar when a large dog came after him in a county park. When he took off in a mad dash he was running for his life. That was the last time I have seen him. He has been spotted many times, just not by me. I pray he is ok, and I wonder and worry about him by the hour. I would appreciate some prayers to help get him back home. I pray to St. Anthony and St. Francis many times a day. Bandit is my companion, he is one of our family. I am very close to him. I need extra help. His companion dog is in a depressed state and I can’t get her out of it, she needs Bandit back in her life. I appreciate any help with prayers you can give me.
Thank you, your web site has been helping me through this.

Urgent Prayer Request for Taz the Dog

From Angel:
Please pray for our dog Taz who is sick. He is either sick of epilepsy or Enchepalitis. He has woke up after given sedation. We love him so much. Please pray for his recovery. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Prayer Request for Boone and Bully the Dogs

From Jeff, Seraph's Owner:
...I have a great friend in California, Terry, ... Recently two dogs that he was caring for on the Indian reservation where he lives went missing, and it's been about a week. They were not enclosed or anything, and where he lives, anything might have happened. They might be OK, or not. Their names are Boone and Bully, and I ask for people's prayers that they should turn up.

Prayer Request for Cloie the Dog

From Brewster on Facebook:
My 2 year old Boston Terrier "Cloie" needs prayers please. I pray that she only has a kidney infection and not kidney cancer and she will start to feel better. I love her so much. Thank you.

Sad News - Gypsy the Cat

From Siobhan:
My poor little angel, Gypsy, passed away peacefully on Friday morning 21/09/2012 after a long battle with what appears to have been underlying chronic kidney failure. Gypsy will be forever loved, RIP my little star x
Please keep Siobhan in your prayers.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Special Urgent Prayer Request for Bo and Sadie, a Soldier's Dogs


I received an email from Lou Ann. In order to understand the prayer request I need to share her email too: From Lou Ann:
I am passing along this e-mail from a friend in Florida just in case either of you might know of any other networks where this could possibly be shared, and also for your prayers on behalf of these two dogs in need. Of note, in case you are wondering who the "FOBs" are, too . . . . . we (I'm an original member, too) are an informal group who came together on another blog who followed the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner (racehorse), Barbaro. You might remember his story. We came to be known as the Fans or Friends of Barbaro, and many of us have stayed together online to both honour his legacy and many help in many ways possible with many other four-legged friends, too. My heart shatters in a million pieces every time I hear of dogs (and other four-legged friends, too) in these kinds of desperate situations, and so I am passing along just in the event that you two might know of anyone else or any networks where this might be posted in hopes of helping these two dogs. The FOB friend who posted this, Linda Loman, is very active in dog rescue herself, and she does transport for dog rescues in her area as well, so I know Linda's post to be legitimate. Esther, I wonder if a prayer request could possibly be posted at Prayers For Our Pets for Bo and Sadie?? I thought of that right away also but in all honesty I was too upset after reading about Bo and Sadie to even get the words together to post the prayer request . . . . if you think a prayer request would be possible, can I please ask you to put that one into words for the site? Sincere thanks, always, Lou Ann
I'm coming to you all with a 'networking' request to find a foster home for two dogs. Another group of us FOBs who works to rescue dogs is trying to save two American bulldogs. I'm just asking if you all would please share this info with your contacts, your dog friends, your military friends and those who might want to help a military person (in a roundabout way). Of course, if any of you would like to foster these dogs, that would be a win win!! :-) Bo and Sadie, between 2 and 3 years old, spayed & neutered, described by shelter staff as very sweet. Pictures attached. Their soldier owner dumped them at the Pound when he deployed. We do not know his possibly heartbreaking reasons or rationale but he does not want them back. These dogs were well cared for so it's hard to fathom and, I'm guessing, was a difficult decision for him to make. I am 100% certain it was a hard decision for these two dogs. Regardless, we are in a race against time to find a foster home for them. We have American Bulldog Rescue in Tampa who can take them "under their wing" BUT a foster home is needed. The rescue's local Tampa fosters are filled. They are doing their best but meanwhile, Bo and Sadie sit in the high kill shelter in Athens, Alabama. (some of you might remember that is where my Rottie, Tank, came from. It is NOT a good place) So, please share. I'm including Dale Parrent (an original FOB!) on this email. She works closely with the Pound director and might see any responses before I do. The rescue is in Tampa but foster home doesn't need to be. The rescue director will make arrangements for the paperwork and all else that is necessary. She can also provide more info if someone is interested. Thank you. Bo and Sadie thank you.

Urgent Prayer Request for Georgette's Dog

From Georgette:
My dear friends beautiful dog just had major surgery - The next 24 hours are very fragile - will you please please say a prayer for her to heal and get better - It would mean so much to us Love to you and those you love ...

Urgent Prayer Request for Seraph the Dog

From Jeff:
One year ago I was asking you all to pray for Tiller, who died of cancer. Now her daughter, whose name is Seraph, is very seriously ill. She suffered an attack of paralysis. The vets wanted to put her down. However, I asked them to give her prednisone. Right now, she has been almost fully recovered for a week - but there are no guarantees. Her problems appeared to be neurological. I want to get in touch with a veterinarian who has some knowledge about this kind of problem. Anyway, I send you again my most urgent request for prayers. I'm glad I was able to find this website again.

Urgent Prayer Request for Bindi Loo the Bunny

From Stephanie:
Please pray for my bunny, Bindi Loo. He is having neurological problems and is also not eating much. He was at the vet all weekend. I'm very upset as I just lost my Stormy bunny on Monday. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Cubby the Dog


From Toots on Facebook via our friend Jan:
"My poor sick Cubby. He's favoring his front paw a lot & just acting like he's sick. I sure hope the vet can see him tomorrow because he has us worried."

Update: "SweetieUrgent Updated Prayer Request for Sweetie


UPDATE:  Sweetie is home.

From Kristy: Sweetie is now hospitalized and his prognosis does not look good. Please keep him and us in your prayers.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prayer Request for Martin the dog and his owners

From the comment section:
please say a prayer for our beloved dog MARTIN - WHO WAS TAKEN FROM us AT 4 AND 1/2 YEARS Thursday Sept 22, 2012. He was the gentlest and most beautiful Alaskan Malamute and miss him terribly. Also pray for me and my son to help us overcome this tragedy in our lives.

Prayer Request for Bruno the Dog

From comment section:
Please pray that St. Anthony will find the little dog Bruno that Chantal was taking care of at her business for the weekend. He was really lonesome for his owner and got out of his collar. Please Lord, let him be ok and that Chantal will find him. Thank you for what you are going to do about this. Jesus, we trust in you!

Prayer Request for Chili Peppers the Cat and her owner

From Shelli on Facebook:
Please pray for my daughter's cat Chili Peppers. He has wandered off and we have not had any luck finding him. He is a very important part of our lives. My daughter ... is very upset and has lost hope. She keeps asking why God would do this to her and why won't he answer her prayers. Please pray for her and the safe return of Chili. ♥

Friday, September 21, 2012

Special Prayer Request for the Little Kittens

From Katerina:
Please pray for the three adorable, abandoned kittens I fed three days ago. I left them with food and water hoping their mother would return before I did today. When I arrived, they were gone. I hope and pray that The Lord is with them, no harm has come to them, and that they are with their mother or someone else that found them as special as I did. Thank you

Prayer Request for Scooby

From Janette on Facebook:
please pray for scooby his sick and i cant afford a vet please pray he gets better or a check comes in soon so I can take him in to see a vet

Edgar the Cat

From Andrea on Facebook:
Someone opened the screen to the window of my apartment 2 nights ago and my cat Edgar is now missing. I don't know if someone took him or if he is out roaming the city but I am very worried. :'(

Urgent Prayer Request for Andy's Little Dog

From Pat on Facebook:
Please pray for my friend Andys little dog, he was hit by a car & is not doing well....... Thank you

Prayer Request for Willie the dog


From Kathy on Facebook:
Please pray for lost Willie. Been gone too long, hs family is sick with worry. He's not used to being away fro them. Please St Anthony ans St Roch bring them together

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Sweetie

From Kristy:
Please pray for sweetie we were back at the vet again today more an additional meds

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Melo the Puppy

From Elena on Facebook:
help my nephew marcos puppy melo. someone stole his puppy sept 15,2012. please bring melo home and safe. pray for melo. thank you amen.

Update on Mollie the Dog

From Donna:
Took her to vet and her glucose is ok. Vet discovered an infection on her belly where she had just been groomed ... apparently too close :( and said that would definitely make her lethargic. She's now on antibotics and is more perkier. I'm sure the prayers are a big help too. Bless you!

Prayer Request for a Lost Pet Cat

From Catherine:
Hi! Pls pray for the safe return home of my kittykat. I lost him 2 nights ago. Im so devastated. I dont know what to do anymore and i feel very lonely and very sad. Thank u

Urgent Prayer Request for Sox the Dog

From Shaun:
Please pray for my 6 yo boxer, Sox. He is my best friend in the world, so loyal and loving and carefree. I found out today he may have a brain tumor that is affecting the use of his lower jaw. We are not sure what our options will be when we find out the final diagnosis. I love him to death as he has been there for me through thick and thin, never knowing how much his loyalty and companionship has meant to me. Thank you in advance.

Urgent Prayer Request for Brindle the Puppy

From Deborah on Facebook:
My friend Denise has asked to me to put her fur baby, Brindle, on the prayer list ~ she is only 3 pounds and has cancer. Poor little pup has been through the wringer with radiation, injections, & last week Interferon. This week she starts oral medication.

Sad News - Stormy the Bunny

From Stephanie:
I want to thank you all for your prayers and comforting words. We laid our beloved Stormy bunny to rest yesterday morning. He will always have a very special place in my heart. He was my first bunny and was very cherished.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Prayer Request for Mollie the dog

From Donna:
I wrote and asked for prayers for our dog MOLLIE in April of this year. She was diagnosed with diabetes at that time and has done really well ... up until the last few days. She's been rather lethargic which has caused me to be concerned over whether her glucose is off track. I'll be taking her to vet tomorrow or asap but would appreciate any prayer help you can offer. I will also go back to your site and pray for all the others who need help. If you have any questions just ask. Thank you and Bless all ...

Sad News - Salem (Bubba)

From PJ:
Love your site. Could you please add Salem (Bubba) to the list of pets who've died? I lost him today (9/16/12) when I had to make that terrible decision. My heart hurts so much. Your site is very healing. Thank you.
Please say a prayer for PJ during this sad time.

Prayer Request for Jenny's Dog

From Jenny on Facebook:

Urgent Prayer Request for Boy the Dog

From Nancy on Facebook:
Please pray for my Bud boy. He was just diagnosed with Lymphocytosis. Vet says we have 7 months to a year left with him and I just cant let go. He is still very young and is by far the best dog I could have ever adopted/rescued.

Urgent Prayer Request for Skeeter the Dog

From Deborah on Facebook:
Please keep my niece's dog, Skeeter, in your prayers.. he is a Yorkie and was bitten by a copperhead snake yesterday and is in pretty bad shape. Their vet has said that he will make it but he will be in tremendous pain for the next few days.

Prayer Request for Yuri the Dog

From Andrea on Facebook:
please help me pray for my baby dog Yuri.. she's suffering from anaphylactic shock.. your prayers are a lot of help:(

Prayer Request for Chester

From Lori on Facebook:
Please Pray for Chester, we have been blessed thus far to have him in our lives, we had found a tick on him about 3 wks ago, he got very ill ,Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, took him to the vet and was on antibiotics, was so much better, but still isn't eating right very depressed and has lost weight. Not sure if he will make it, please pray for him to get better, and to bring back his little spunky self. Thank you

Friday, September 14, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Mona the Cat and her Owner

From Laura:
Prayers are needed for my cat Mona and for me. She has been suffering from chronic pain due to kidney stones, a recent pelvis fracture and vision loss. I have decided to end her pain by having her put to sleep later today. It has been a struggle the past several months to get her well and I am comforted, in part,knowing that she will be free from pain and her spirit will be with our Maker.

Urgent Prayer Request for Sasha the Dog

From Mary Beth on Facebook:
Please pray for my shih tzu, Sasha. Took her to the Vet today and she has congestive heart failure and has had it for some time. She hid it from me. I just put my other shih poo down last Sunday. Doubt if Sasha makes it very long because she won't eat I love this dog so much.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Gypsy the Cat

From Siobhan: Hi again everyone, could everyone please pray for my beautiful girl, Gypsy , who has had an on-going illness for the past month now. She originally had a chest infection, which she was treated for, but has now developed severe stomach irritation. She is on a new course of treatment now but tonight the vet suggested that she may have to be PTS if there is no improvement by next week. As you can imagine, this is really earth shattering for me as Gyspy is a precious part of my life and I love her like a member of my family. Please pray that Gyspy will make a full recovery, she so badly wants to get better again. Siobhan x

Prayer Request for Rey Solis the Iguana

From Juanita on Facebook:
Please prey for my baby Rey Solis(green iguana) he is the most lovable baby, he has suffered this year too much and we love him and know that he will be with us for a very long time.

Urgent Prayer Request for Oggy the Puppy

From Elyza:  ...can you please pray for my little dog his name is Oggy he is 3months old his sick and suffering for liver and kidney disease please help us lets pray for him for his recovery were hoping he survive . thank you . God is good i know he will help and hear our prayer,,.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prayer Request for Tillie the Dog

From Redbird Danielle on Facebook:
Please pray for a sick little pug Tilly. Her mama loves her very much and needs her to get better.

Good News - Mia the Dog

From Trish:
... I've just had a phone call from the vet, Mia was handed in this morning with no ill-effects. I am so filled with gratitude.

Urgent Prayer Request for Fox the Cat

From Catherine:
Please pray for my dear 16-year-old orange tabby cat, Fox. I learned this week that pancreatic cancer has spread throughout his abdomen. The vet didn't want to put him down because he is currently still eating and cuddling. However, he is getting weaker and sleeping much more. Please ask God to protect him from fear and pain and to give me guidance in handling my responsibility for Fox's care. I don't want to end his life prematurely, but I don't want him to suffer, either.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Stormy the Bunny

From Stephanie:
Sad update on my bunny, Stormy. The vet found a large lump and confirmed that it is cancer. I suspected in my heart because of how poorly he's been, but I tried my best to be hopeful. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. This is going to be incredibly difficult. I love him so much. My rabbits are my babies.

Update on Meili the Dog

From Odie:
I wanted to thank you for posting my prayer request and having a lot of loving and caring people who helped prayed for my dog, Meili. Her surgery 2 weeks ago went very smoothly. I got the pathologist report before the weekend and it is good and not-so-good. Good news is that the surgeon was able to remove the tumor with clean margin so my Meili does not have to go thru radiation. The not-so-good news is that the tumor is a grade 2 sarcoma which means there is a 20% chance of mestatasis. I take this news with a grateful heart and thanksgiving to the Lord and to all the Saints and my family and friends and to your site that has people I do not know praying for my pet. Bless you all!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Prayer Request for Hootie

From Christine on Facebook:
Pray for Hootie, and his momma, who had a biopsy today.

Prayer Request for a Stolen Pet Puppy

From Comment section:
Prayer for our puppy lost today ! Please pray that the person that stole him returns him

Sad News - Cody the Dog

From Roxane:
Saddly, Cody has passed on. She gave it her best fight and her family gave it all they could as well. Rest in Peace sweet Cody. You are very loved! ♥
Please pray for Cody's owners during this difficult time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Cody the Dog

From Roxanne on Facebook:
Cody is a border collie who lives in Ireland. She was doused in lighter fluid then set on fire by two 21 year old men on August 26th. Most people can't imagine such cruelity. Prayers from all over the world are being said and well wishes sent as Cody recuperates. Keep Cody in your prayers because she is in for a long recovery. Fortunately she has a loving family who is getting the best veterinary care for her. Visit the website, Justice for Cody through the Border Collie Community to learn more any say a prayer for Cody too.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Picture source

There are many times when a prayer request for one of our pets or animals is so urgent, so hard to believe that it can be answered, that  we have needed to ask for the intercession of the Mother of God herself.  The prayer that I find to be non-failing was in fact recommended by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta herself.  It is the express novena of nine (hence novena) Memorare prayers in a row.

I wanted to take this occasion, Feast of the Nativity of Mary to say mahalo nui loa Blessed Mother for all the times you have interceded for us, for our pets and our families.

And, as we say here in Hawaii: Hau`oli Lā Hānau!!  With much aloha from the Prayers for Our Pets Prayer Warriors and friends.


Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, 
that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection,
 implored thy help, 
or sought thine intercession was left unaided. 
Inspired by this confidence, 
I fly unto thee, 
O Virgin of virgins, my mother; 
to thee do I come, 
before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. 
O Mother of the Word Incarnate, 
despise not my petitions, 
but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen. 

  Prayer source.

Urgent Prayer Request for Mona the Dog

From Ymelda on Facebook:
We need an urgent prayer for our dog Mona, we don not know how her eye came out and she needs emergency surgery. She is an adult Pug and the vet said they dont do good with the anestesia. In Jesus Name We ask for your prayers. We love our Mona

Urgent Prayer Request for Gelo the Dog

From Hazel on Facebook:
hi, i hope you can help me. please help me and my family to pray for our dog gelo. he has been diagnosed with a kidney failure. he is now confined at the hospital. please pray for his speedy recovery.

Sad News - Asia the Dog

"Simba - Formerly known as Asia"
From Meg:
It's with a very heavy heart, I thank you you for all your prayers for our beautiful boy Simba/Asia... It seem's he now has another calling, The thought that he has no more pain, is a small comfort.......

Friday, September 7, 2012

Prayer Request for Missing Pet Dog

From the comment section:
PLEASE help me pray for my lost dog to find him and get him back safe God I have faith your going to bring him back home please god hear me out &forgive all my sins god have mercy I want my bestfriend /other half back PLEASE GOD.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Mia the Dog

From Trish:
I let my little Jack Russell, Mia into our back garden this evening. When I went to get her in later she had vanished. The garden is completelyenclosed and the gates were shut, but there is a possibility she got through the fence onto the railway line that runs behind my house. I've told the police and the railway, but nobody will do anything until morning. She's 11, has a heart condition and is out there frightened and wondering why I don't come for her. Or worse, and I shall never see her again. I found your website by googling "Patron Saint of dogs". Please pray for my little Mia and me. Thank you and God Bless

Urgent Prayer Request for a Pet Gecko

From Pauline on Facebook:
please all pray for my little ghecko we have just rescued he has 4 broken legs and a broken jaw vet says he has a small chance to survive thank you

Prayer Request for Shaggy the Dog

From Grainne on Facebook: P
lease pray for my dog Shaggy, he recently had surgery again for the 4th time and this was big surgery and finds it hard to bed rest and got out during rest time and we think hes re damaged leg, please let it be just bruising and no more surgery and that his little fatty lump is nothing to worry about, amen xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Updated Prayer Request for Kotton the Cat

From Heidi: PLEASE will you Pray for a complete healing from what is wrong with my SWEET LOVING Siamese girl Kotton! She won't eat and hides in the closet. We go to the Vet tomorrow and she NEEDS Prayers he can figure out what is ailing her and that is is NOT serious and that she can be made well!

Prayer Request for AJ the Dog

Dear Friends:

My dog AJ has been throwing up bile and she has had a few accidents in the house with soft stools (sorry to be graphic).  I think it was something she ate.  I have had her fasting from food for almost 24 hours.  Please keep her in your prayers and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Attention Prayer Warriors

If you would like me to add the photo of your favorite pet (living or dead) on the sidebar, please send me a photo and the name of your pet.  Also, please mention if the pet has died, if that is the case.  I would like to do this as a way of thanking you for your dedicated prayers.

For instance:  Esther's Dog AJ



Urgent Prayer Request for Dazy the Dog

From Dana on Facebook:
Please pray for my best friend's precious dog, Dazy who is in the hospital.

Updated Prayer Request for Spike the Cat

From Jenny:
There is still no change with Spike. Could you please continue to pray for her? Thank you so much

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Prayer Request for Marlee the Cat

From Kay on Facebook:
Please pray for my Marlee the Doctors can't find out what's wrong with him when he starts to get better something else pops up. He is a tabby and is only 1 year old. He has been in hospital for 4 days now. May the lord bless and heal him.

Prayer Request for Corbin the Dog

From Alexa on Facebook:
Please help me pray for my pug, Corbin, who has a very bad corneal ulcer. The next couple of days are critical and if it doesn't improve in the next two days, he faces eye surgery on Friday. My friend posted on your blog last year and directed me here. Thank you!

Prayer Request for George the Cat

From Aaron on Facebook:
Please help me in praying for the safe return of my little cat George, who has been missing for over a month. I miss him so very much. God bless

Urgent Prayer Request for Dino the Dog

From Comment Section:
Please pray for my neighbours dog, Dino who is being abused by them. Please pray for the abuse to end.

Urgent Prayer Request for Tequila the Dog

From Rose in the comment section:
Please pray for my mothers dog Tequilla. She's a 12 year old chihuahua with cushings disease and we are praying she will make it through the night. Her health has declined so fast.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request for Sweetie

From Kristy:
Please pray for Sweetie the lack of power and stress for Hurricane Isaac has caused a sever flair of his chronic FLUTD. I don't have money right now to bring him to vet please pray our normal regime works quickly to get it under control.

Prayer Request for George the Cat

From Kirsten via Mary Jane:
Returned from vacation last night to find that George the cat is missing. I know not many of you live close by, but please send me good kitty cat wishes that I find my boy.

Prayer Request for Dublin Dog the Dog

From Joanne on Facebook:
Please keep Dublin Dog, in your thoughts, too. TY

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Prayer Request for Bandit the Dog

From Virginia on Facebook:  Please pray that we find our beloved Bandit. Thank you!