Friday, April 29, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Mija the Dog

From an email:
Please pray for our little girl, Mija. Her kidneys are failing and she is very weak. She has been on dialysis all Thursday. She will be on dialysis all day today and later more blood will be drawn to see if her blood counts are going back down. Please pray our loving Lord will wrap her in His arms and make her well. Thank you so very much.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update on Bonny the Dog

From Sunette: Just an update on Bonny, my little Yorkie. She is doing much better, and is on medication for her heart, and the “Kushing syndrome”. I want to thank each and everyone who has prayed for her, and for the many encouraging messages. Thank you for your support and caring, it means a lot to us, you are the angels of the world.

Please know that I pray for each and every darling animal, and trust God will help them and you, doesn’t matter what the circumstances. For all who are heartbroken, I pray for comfort and healing for you, may God’s light shine upon you...

Angel Greetings,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prayer Request for Leo the Cat

From Carol:
Hello, Leo, our 15-year-old cat is sick his heart beat is good and he is healthy but he got a urinary track infection and is in discomfort because he is contracting and is not being able to pee buy drops. He is a sweet dear old friend who needs your prayer. He started on meds this morning but most of the med did not get in his mouth and so he will need a miracle to keep this form killing him. Please help with all the prayers you can find in your heart to give him for a good night rest. He has never had this problem before but there is something blocking. We do not have the thousands of dollars to fix this surgically please prayer for him

Thank you,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update on Moshe the Cat

From Marcy:
Thank you for all your support and prayers. Moshe is getting better
each day I visit him. Now he is well enough to be out of the oxygen
chamber and is breathing on his own. Now he is at an important
transition where he switches from IV antibiotics to oral and
injectable antibiotics, which I can ultimately give him at home.
Please pray for Moshe's strength and good health during this
transition. Also please pray that his white blood cells and red blood
cells are strong and healthy and that he overcomes any anemic state.
A great deal of healing has already taken place for Moshe and I am
maintaining my faith. Thank you.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request for Luke the Dog

From Paul:
... please pray for 5 year old dauchsand named Luke he has problem with his spinal discs and has a 25% chance to survive. We are giving him cortozone shots and he is in a vet home and we trying to get the best care for him possible. please pray for luke

With hope in faith

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sad News - Shiloh the Dog

Eva Marie emailed me that Shiloh had died. I emailed back to ask permission to post her detailed email here but I have not heard back from her. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you everyone.

Updated Prayer Request for Baby the Cat

From Donna:
I wanted to give you an update regarding Baby. Yesterday, was a big day as Baby vomited out his nasal feeding tube which was also affecting his breathing. The Doctor was planning to change his feeding tube to a gastro tube and put in a direct line for blood testing and knew it would be risky with his condition as he needed anesthesia. When we arrived his tech found us and told us he was doing well and that the procedure was successful and that he was in ultrasound. We felt optimistic as Baby almost died after his nueter operation due to a reaction to anesthesia as a kitten so coming out of this in as weak state as he is was a good sign we thought.
After a long harrowing wait the Doctor came to us and said that his pancreas was in bad shape and that there was not much else they could do for him and felt it would become a quality of life issue. We decided that even though it was Good Friday, we needed to make the decision after letting it all sink in and giving God a chance to show us a miracle since he had just made it through another procedure and that if by Easter he didn't show us, that we would feel we could help him go to heaven on the holiest of holy days and trust that we gave God time to work thru him.
We had a visit with him and for the first time since he had been in the hospital since last Thursday he seemed like he could relax. We told him he was the bravest best boy that we could have ever hoped for and that he did not have to fight anymore. We left him with a heavy heart knowing we have to trust in God's plan for him.

Please continue to pray for a miracle for him and for his mate Cat who was so distraught when we came home late last night. Please pray for us in making a holy right decision as we are getting weary.
Please pray that if it is God's will for a miracle that it happen now. We are now in that position where we will have to make a decision to let him go soon so that he doesn't suffer or merely exist for our benefit. As always we are so grateful for all your continued prayers as I know they are helping even now as I write this to you. I am comforted by the quote in my lenten prayer book as Jesus says,"Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?" I believe!

We will continue to pray for all the other animals. God bless and always keeping the faith!

Prayer Request for Cookie the Cat


From Laura:
Can you please submit a prayer request for Cookie the Cat to find his way home to my parents house? This is the first time the Cookster has taken off on his own leaving his brother home by himself. This pair of brother cats are my parents first and they have brought such joy to their lives, I have been praying all day for the chunky, orange, long-hair tabby to find his way home safely and unharmed. Attached is a picture of Cookie doing what he does best - play. I will continue to pray until he returns home, hopefully on his own free will.

Thank you very much!!!!!

Sad News - Olivia the Dog and Prayer Request for Jessica, Olivia's Owner

"Olivia" and Jessica
From Mark:
...Olivia was very special to us because we had a great dog already and my 11 year old daughter wanted a dog of her own. She had a special set of requirements, but insisted upon getting a rescue. She found Olivia on the internet, a rescue from a puppy mill. Olivia turned out to be exactly what she ordered. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer that had already spread from her intestine to her liver in September.

I contacted you again in late January when Olivia seemed to take a turn for the worse, and again you were kind enough to accommodate our request. Olivia fought a courageous battle, but unfortunately the cancer overtook her little body and we lost her on Wednesday April 20. Needless to say we are all terribly upset. This time I must ask your readers for prayers for my daughter Jessica. She is having a real hard time after losing her best friend.

Your site brought us comfort, and it amazed me how so many pet owners took time through their own grief to console and pray for us. Thank you so much for bringing us this site. I will continue to read it and pray for all the pets listed here. I hope others will pray for my daughter Jessica and her true love Olivia Lynn. Since it is Good Friday, I will close with words that Jesus gave us, “blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted”. Thank You and may God Bless you and all those you bring comfort to.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on Baby the Cat

From Donna:
Please continue to pray for Baby and his mate Cat as Baby is still in critical care away at MSU and still in an oxygen chamber. Our visit with him today was short but blessed as we are to spend any time with him where we can touch him and clean him up a bit and just encourage him with love.
His bloodwork is better in some values and worse in others and his Doctor is frustrated as he was hoping to see more positive changes in the bloodwork showing that Baby was improving but knowing that treating him is tricky with the mast cell cancer plus pancreatitis takes time(to resolve or not)and seeing Baby's mood lifted is enough for us right now. He is definitely in God's hands and I have faith that however excruciatingly difficult, we will continue to have faith in His ability to heal. Please pray for his comfort and patience and Godspeed in healing and in this holiest of weeks I pray to the Lord to heal my Baby and bring him home to us where he belongs.

God bless you and thank everyone for their continued prayers.
Forgive my writing, I am tired but looking forward to another trip seeing Baby again tomorrow on this holy Good Friday.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Update on Moshe the Cat

From Marcy:
Thank you for praying for Moshe. Your prayers have made it to Heaven
because we are already seeing improvement in Moshe. He is holding his
head up on his own when I visit him at the vet’s office, he has
started eating and drinking again, and he has begun to look better.
He has had many medical procedures done to him but I have been blessed
with a very, very wonderful and caring vet. He is continuing to
reside at the vet’s office because he is not well enough to come home

Would you please continue to pray for Moshe’s healing and recovery?
In particular, that his immune system is very strong, that he has a
very healthy chest area, and that his breathing becomes normal and
strong again and that all of his other organs are healthy too.

Thank you again and God Bless.

Prayer Request for Baby the Cat and Catalei the Cat

From Donna:
I found your beautiful blog and am asking for prayers for our cat Baby. He has been in critical care in the MSU animal hospital since Thursday April 14 where we rushed him approximately 2 hours away from our home. He was diagnosed with mast cell tumor of the spleen, pancreatitus and pleural infusion. He is also having upper respiratory trouble breathing due to secretions from his nose and mouth (he also has a feeding tube) which his Doctor feels is due to a sinus or larynx (pharynx?)issue. He is our son as we have no children of our own and he is a very sensitive kitty having spent his life (he'll be 14 on May 11) in our constant presence. He has alot of anxiety so I pray that he will somehow find rest and peace while in the hospital.

Please pray for our safety and for that of his mate,Catalei as well. After spending the first two nights in a hotel we are driving back and forth daily in an older car as we needed to come home to tend to his mate Cat who is ironically recovering also from mast cell tumor of the spleen after her surgery in January. The doctors tell us the chances of two unrelated cats in the same household suffering from mast cell tumor is so rare that we would have a greater chance of winning the powerball.

We will continue to pray for all the other animals as well. We have great faith in the healing powers of God from prayer and I pray to Jesus for healing, I pray to Mary to comfort and ask for healing from her Son, I pray for the Angels and communion of Saints like St. Francis and St. Gertrude and St. Clare, St. Jude for their help as well.

God bless you and thank you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prayer Request for Griffin the Cat

From an email I received this morning:
Please pry for our cat griffin. He is our 11 year old house cat who has never been out of the house and somehow left this morning and has not come back. He must be scared and hungry and probably lost in the woods. Please pray for him to find his way back home, safely. We love him and miss him terribly.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prayer Request for Moshe the Cat

From Marcy:
Please pray for my cat Moshe aka Moishe or Moish who is residing at the vet's until he overcomes his infection. He is a beautiful grey and
black Maine Coon and SO lovable. He is weak and I pray that he becomes
strong, and eats and breathes well. I am holding my faith that he will
return to a healthy state. I am sure that your prayers will help. Thank you and God Bless.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Prayer Request for Seven the Dog

From Lauren:
I have never asked anyone for help before but I am asking that you say a prayer for Seven. Seven is one of the dogs at the barn where I keep my horse. He is a Jack Russell/corgi cross and is a fixture at the barn. He is loved by everyone there as well as our horses. On April 10, 2011 he was out for a walk with myself, my dog and the other 2 farm dogs. We all returned to the barn safely but then the farm dogs went off o their own. The two bigger dogs Max and Kira returned by dark but little Seven did not. He has been missing since that evening. We have been tirelessly looking for him on horseback and on foot since then, day and night. Please I am asking that you say a prayer for little Seven and help us to bring him home to his large human and horse family where he belongs. He is very important to us and we are lost without him as he is without us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find it in your heart to make a place for a small prayer for Seven.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prayer Request for Ashes the Cat

From Andrea:
My mother in law's cat names Ashes has been missing from her home for about 2 weeks. I have helped search high and low for this cat with no luck. Ashes is an beautiful gray indoor and outdoor cat and is about 10 years old. Why she suddenly disappeared is a mystery. I have been praying daily for her return. She is the special companion to my mother in law who is 78 and is very sad over her disappearance. Brothers and sisters, please pray for the return of Ashes to her home in Norman, Oklahoma.

Urgent Prayer Request for Schonda the Dog

From Kieran:
I have been meaning to write to you as you and your website have been such a source of comfort since I lost my babies. It is just over a year and the pain is still as raw as the day I lost them. I know my heart will be forever broken, but as you know I adopted two rescue dogs who have helped provide love, comfort and company. They give me purpose, as I love spoiling them because they have never been shown kindness before or love for that matter. They have brought joy to me and my family when we were certain we wouldnt experience it again. They are part of our family now and we love them dearly and that is why I am writing this email to you. Schonda the older of the two (they estimate her age to be approx 8 years) has had a difficult life and they suspect she had been beaten and part of a puppy mill. Today we took her to the vet and found that her liver enzymes were high and that they wish to remove a bump on her stomach. With this news I practically burst into tears as it brings back horrible memories of times spent at vets. She will go into surgery on Monday and I ask that you and everyone please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and pray the surgery is a success and that she gets the all clear. Please I pray that her liver enzymes return to normal and she makes a speedy recovery and the lump on her stomach is nothing serious. I want to spend many more years with Schonda and Echo and show them what it is like to be loved and part of a family. Please pray for their good health.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer Request for Derry the Cat

From Nornie:
Please pray for the safe return of my 7-year-old tortoiseshell, Derry. She has not been seen for three days, which is very unusual for her.

My biggest worry is that she might be hurt and alone out there. She's not well used to strangers, and I imagine that she must be so frightened on her own.

Thanking you in advance, and God bless.

Yours very sincerely,

Urgent Prayer Request for Princess the Kitten

From Meshela:
I'm asking for prayers for my missing kitten Princess. She has been missing since 4th of April 2011 and I have tried everything I can to find her. I have even enlisted the help of Pet Search to help find her to no avail thus far.

I miss her very much and can not stop crying. I am heartbroken and would like all positive and helpful prayers to bring her home.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Monday, April 4, 2011

Prayer Request for Figaro the Cat

From Teresa:
Please pray for Figaro, my beloved maine coon cat that followed my dog out of an electronic doggy door on the evening of 3/31/11 and hasn't returned since. I am so very worried about him. I have posted signs, searched the neighborhood, put lost and found ads on several websites, and contacted the humane society and shelter. I pray that he is alright and if not, that I can forgive myself for not watching him closer when I knew he had learned to follow the dog out the doggy door.

Prayer Request for Capt. Ahab the Cat

From Gwyn:
Hello. I am asking that your network pray with me for my black and
white male cat, Capt. Ahab. He is a little stray that I feed, named
and made friends with. He was wonderful, if a little people shy. He
disappeared for awhile and then returned. I was in the process of
adopting him to give him a real home when he disappeared again. A man
who knows him and works for a chiropractor where I fed him said he saw
Ahab about 2 weeks ago. I have put flyers out, made calls, gotten a
humane trap but I can't find him. I helped to rescue his sister and
her 6 kittens. He was next and I love him, Please pray that I can
locate my little friend or he returns and receive the help I need to
get him in. Thank you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prayer Request for Stevie the Dog

From Simone:
Hello, please ask your kind network to pray for Stevie...specifically that she will be healed and able to walk without pain and that she doesn't have degenerative myelopathy or any other disease without a cure. She is an old, loving caring gentle dog born deaf who would love to walk easily again without pain or difficulty. I believe in the power of prayer and miracles. Please Lord, grant her this and thank you for all blessings we have received in His name. Thank you.

Sad News - Cinnamon the Cat

From Christy:
Thank you so much for the prayers I've asked for over the last few years, but I have sad news to report this morning. We had to put our baby to sleep yesterday afternoon - the feline leukemia go the best of her. The couldn't see her heart in the x-rays, her liver was enlarged and her esophagus was shrinking because of a growth.

We will miss her terribly.

Thank you Again,
Please keep Christy and all grieving owners in your prayers! Thanks for all your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request - Queenie the Dog

From Merv:
Please give me some prayer for my dog named Queenie a German Shepherd Dog. By this time she is resting after the 2 hrs battle in her near death. I give her a CPR when the time I don't see her breathing when I recover her breath I rushly proceed to my near Vet. Then injected some medicine. Now she is resting and I hope she will survive and become healthy and grow old. I wish for a very beautiful prayer for Queenie and from my heart I will say that prayers every day and night. Thank you.