Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update and Praise Report on Jack the Cat

From Matthew:
THANK YOU so much for all the prayers and good thoughts! Jack came home--2 weeks to the day he was lost! With much gratitude...
Thank you all so much for your prayers! As you can see, our prayers have made a difference.

Prayer Request for Baylee the Dog

From Jessica:
Please pray for my dog Baylee. She's getting on in age and has Cushing's Syndrome and Hypothyroidism (a slow thyroid). The effects of both diseases are taking a toll on her. Please keep her in your prayers that she will have some comfort from her symptoms and that God willing she will be with us for many more years. Thank You.
Please keep Baylee and all our ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Stewie the Cat

From Jen:
Please help send Stewie home. We love and miss her. After calling for her and clanging the soft food can and fork still now Stewie bear. Please God send her safely home to us. We love her so much and we miss her so much! Please help her to come home to us. It is dark and she is probably a little scared. Please God send her home- please help her find her way home soon. We love her too much and we are too worried. Please God. Please God. Please. mommy, chris, bella, nekos, isabelle, and jonathan. Stewie please come home. We love you cutest nose on the planet stinky bear!!! please come home.
Please keep Stewie and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Asher the Cat

From Julie:
Please also pray for my cat Asher's safe return home. He was mistakenly let out late Thursday night ( 1/28/10) and has not returned. I miss him so much and ask your aid in praying for him.

Thank you so much.

May all the missing pets be guided back to their loving homes.
Please keep Asher and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Prayer Request for Sable the Cat

From Bev:
Please pray for my ill cat Sable who has been missing since January 24, 2010. Please pray that he will be healed and will come home. We miss him.
Please keep Sable and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayer Request for Grace the Dog

please include grace my nine year-old golden retriever in your prayers she is suffering from a spinal tumor. She has had surgery and radiation since December 9. She is so alert and trying so hard to get well. She is simply Amazing but in need of a higher intervention as we have done all we know to do from a medical or wordly manner. we love her dearly and pray with all our hearts that she be blessed by God's loving hand and what is in her highest good be granted. thank you
Please keep Grace and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Sophie the Dog

From Alisha:
Will you please make a prayer request for my dog, Sophie? She's a 3-year-old pekingese and she has seizures quite often. Unfortunately, this evening, she had three in a row (which has never happened before), and she really needs all of the love and prayers she can get.

Thank you so much<3
Please keep Sophie and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request for Jet the Puppy

From Mark and Mary:
Please pray for our little pup Jet. We only got him less than a week ago from an animal shelter, where he was saved from a pound... They think he has parvo.. He is very sick. He has been through so much but is such a beautiful pup, please pray he has a chance to truly live.
Thank you do much,
Please keep Jet and all our very sick pets in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prayer Request for Scooby the Cat

From Margaret:
Please pray that my brother, Mike, his wife, Cama, and their Son, Sammy find their cat, Scooby. He has been lost since Saturday, Jan.23. They live outside of Chicago so the search has been extensive….we now need prayers.

Thank YOU!
Please keep Scooby and all our lost pets in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prayer Request for Eli the Kitten

Pray for kitty eli we found him near fwy last week and he is getting major surgery today. This is a serious surgery on a tiny kitten pls pray with us
Please keep Eli and all our baby animals in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Summer the Dog's Owner

From Elisa:
Please pray for my dog Summer who was hit by a car this morning and died instantly. I don't know for sure where animals go when they die, but I pray that I get to see her again. She was such a sweet and loving companion. My heart is so sad.
Please keep Elisa in your prayers as she mourns the loss of her beloved pet.

Prayer Request for Georgie the Kitten

From Nancy:
Please pray for the safe return of my cat Georgie and can you add him to your blog? He simply vanished out of my home. I went out late at night last night to take my dog out and blocked George's path from sneaking out with us. We're in Michigan and it's very cold and George is just a young kitten, 6 months old. I have not seen George since and I was sure he did not get out. He's no where in the house and there is no sign of him outside - not even any tracks in the snow. I'm dumbfounded. I've praying all day for his safe return.
Please keep Georgie and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer Request for Duncan the Dog

From JJ:
Please pray for my family's Duncan, a 7 yo Labrador Retriever. He is being treated for suspicion of a nasal carcenoma. He is our protector, our confident and our friend. Especially to ur 4 yr old son. We recently lost our beloved Abbie in October and are still really in mourning from her loss. We have been on pins and needles thru this ordeal.
Please keep Duncan and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Jack the Cat

From Matthew
Our cat, Jack, has been missing for 8 days. We're working hard, doing everything we can to find him and bring him home, but could use extra prayers. We miss him terribly, and just hope and pray that he is safe and well and, God willing, will be brought home to us soon. Thank you so much. Peace, love, and blessings to all.

Thank you,
Please keep Jack and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Trotter the Puppy

From Midge:
Please pray for our grandpuppy Trotter who was seriously injured when my son accidentally stepped on him. He is so small and needs to get better so he can come home and live a long and happy life.
Please keep Trotter and all our injured pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Jesse the Dog

From Jessica:
Please pray that we find our lost dog Jesse. He was lost on 01/17/2010. He is a 10 month old chocolate lab mix. We miss him.

Thank You,
Please keep Jesse and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Update on Domino the Dog

From Tana:
Dommie is still at the vet's. He allowed she had worms (3 kinds) really bad. He hopes she will start eating today. He treated her over the weekend.

Your prayers are so welcome.
Your continued prayers for Dominic and all our abused pets are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Kenshin the Cat

From Desiree:
Please pray for Kenshin. he is only 2 y.o., in hosp diagnosed with kidney failure. he's a very sweet & loving cat. we adopted him when his former owners left him and moved to another place. we are all so devastated. St Gertrude we humbly beg you to bring him back to us, healthy again. he's meant to be with us. we love him so much. amen.
Please keep Kenshin and all our critically ill pets in your prayers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request for Domino the Dog

From Tana:
Someone was extremely cruel and injured our Domino. She is an old girl, a yellow lab, gentle and giving. The injuries were very severe, and she was in surgery for 3 hours. The vet sent her home, but she isn't doing well and still won't eat. She is growing very weak.

Please pray for Domino. No creature deserves the kind of treatment she has suffered, and the evil it took to do this is unimaginable. My daughter loves the dog so much, and it has hurt her to see her in this condition. We will take her back to the vet tomorrow in hopes of finding out why she won't/can't eat.

Thank you.
Please keep Domino and all our suffering pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Jake the Dog

please pray for our chocolate lab Jake who is 13 years old and can no longer walk due to unknown causes. His doctor said he has degenerative arthritis and we have him on medication, hoping he will walk again, however this happened in a matter of 2 days and we just don't know why. There is nothing else wrong with him which of course is making our decision even more difficult. We are going to give the medication another week and hope and pray for some glimmer of improvement. Please pray for our boy Jake that he will become mobile again. Thank you
Please keep Jake and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Tottie the Dog

From Corrie:
Please pray for our Airedale Terrier, Tottie, who went missing this evening. She is a beloved family pet to our family of 6. Our children are devastated, especially our 10 year old son who she broke away from. We just got her at Christmas from a breeder. She's five and led a very sheltered life at the home of her breeder/owner/handler. She quickly won all our hearts as she became a member of our family. She's very leery of strangers so we just pray she'll warm up to someone that will see her tag and call.
Please keep Tottie and all our missing pets in your prayers.

New Site Added to the Side Bar - Fond Pet Memories

James sent me the link to his wonderful site where our dear pets who have died, can be remembered. Please be sure to check out Fond Pet Memories, especially if you are an owner who has lost a beloved pet.

Thanks so much James!

Prayer Request for Beau the Dog

From Sharmeen:
Please can you pray for Beau he is a 3yr old terrier mix amazing loving dog who has addisons and now they have found something wrong with his liver, so I am asking people to pray that his liver will be fine and that there is nothing that is not curable wrong and maybe a miracle that the addisons would go away forever and he continues to live a long and healthy life I will pray for all your pets too.
Please keep Beau and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Praise Report - Otto the Dog

From Chad:
Otto is coming home, thanks for the prayers. I will continue to pray for your animals and come back to check on you guys. God bless you all
Thank you all for your prayers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer Request for Buster the Cat

From Esther:
Please pray for my missing cat.His name is Buster and he is 6 years old.He has been gone since Sunday 1/17/2010 @ 7:00 pm.He is my best buddy.I need him to come home.We live in Atlantic City NJ.
Thank you so much
Please keep Buster and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Sad News - Blackie the Cat

From Kevin:
Just to let you know Blackie passed away a few hours ago. Thank you so much for your prayers
. Thank you all for your prayers.

Please keep Kevin in your prayers as he mourns the loss of his beloved pet.

Urgent Prayer for Otto the Dog

From Chad:
Please pray for my beloved Shi Tzu Otto, he was struck by a car after getting out of the yard last night. I found him laying in the street a 1/4 mile from my home. I took him to emergency and he has head trauma. He is stable but not moving around. The Dr said if no change after 24 hrs he would put him down if it were his dog. I dont want him to suffer. I pray that Gods will be done, but also 4 a miracle that he recovers. I will pray for all of the animals and owners here to our Patrons, and to Mary, and our Lord.

Bless U all thru your anxiety and suffering!
Please keep Otto and all our pets in urgent need of your prayers, in your prayers.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Urgent Prayers for Blackie the Cat

From Kevin:
I have a cat who is gravely ill. The vet at the emergency clinic didn't expect her to live through the night Saturday but miraculously she is still with us. I have been praying, playing healing tapes and trying to give her some natural remedies. I would appreciate very much if you would keep her in your prayers. Her name is Blackie and I am sending a photo below.
Please keep Blackie and all our gravely ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Vlooi the Dog

Please everyone. Please pray for my beautiful miniature pinscher Vlooi who is unwell. She is such an important part in my life and brings such joy and happiness. I dont think there is anything I wouldnt do for her. So please pray that she may recover and get better. thank you
Please keep Vlooi and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayer Request for Griffin the Dog

From Yvonne and Mick:
Griffin our 10 year old Akita, the love of our lives, is very ill. He was born with severe hip dysplasia and was not expected to live beyond the age of one. He is now facing his ultimate challenge as he can no longer stand. Our vet who has looked after him since he was 6 ½ months old will be making a home visit tomorrow. We have done all we can, monthly injections, fish food supplements, medication and more medication. He is tired, he looks weary but we still don’t want to lose him. I would ask for prayers for Griffin to gently take him into the next world. Please let there be an angel to guide him and show him love and devotion, as we have done. Any prayers offered would be most grateful.
Please keep Griffin and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers. Please pray they do not suffer.

Prayer Request for a Fledgling Dove

Please keep a little fledgling dove I was caring for, in your prayers. He took off on his own yesterday. I think he was ready for flight but with your prayers, I know he will be well.

Update - Chick the Dog

From Mike:
Chick had major surgery yesterday and is recovering at the hospital. She has a great deal of healing ahead of her but is doing much better. Keep up the good work!
Please continue to pray for his improvement.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Praise Report - Minnie the Cat

From Jeannie:
Thank you for your prayers Esther! Once again, just a few hours after you posted my prayer request, Minnie came home. She was very hungry and thirsty but otherwise in good health. I can’t thank God and the people who prayed for her enough. Bless you all!
Thanks everyone!!

Prayer Request for Azor the Dog

From Naomi:
Please prayer for my precious Azor (4.5 yr old German Shepard). He went in for a neuter as a very healthy boy and came back with a limp that turned into him not being able to walk. He has been in the emergency hospital for 5 days with severe vasculitus, unable to eat and barely drinking water, he is on many antibiotics as they are not sure what is causing this infection. Please pray for a miracle to pull him through.
Please keep all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Urgent Prayer Request for Chick the Dog

From Mike and Susan:
Please pray for Chick to get through her surgery and get well. Today she was supposed to come home after a long career as a retired racing greyhound. Instead, she was rushed to the emergency clinic this morning only to find she had ingested a foreign body. It is in her stomach and intestines. Surgery is being performed now (Fri, Jan 15 @ 4:50 pm EST) and the extent of the damage and her prognosis is unknown. She was born March 18, 2006 so she has a lot of life to still live in comfort and with grey love.
Please keep Chick all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Minnie the Cat

From Jeannie:
You posted a prayer request to help me find my lost pet. Within hours she came home. Once again I need to ask your help. My cat Minnie ran out the door and she hasn’t come home yet.

It is cold out and I’m very worried. Please pray for her to come home.
Please keep Minnie and all our missing pets in your prayers. As you can see from Jeannie's message, your prayers do make a difference.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prayer Request for Guffy the Cat

From Gynelle:
I am so desperate right now and i came online and found your very beautiful page... Can you please, please join me in praying that our grey and black striped cat Guffy comes back home soon? He is eight and so so loved. We had a kitten in the garden for a couple of days which has scared him away and he has been missing since the 6th... He recently had to have some teeth pulled and think he might have been traumatised by that too... He has been through so much, including recovering (miraculously through prayer) from a megacolon... Please keep him in your prayers that he stops being scared and makes his way back home.

Thank you everyone for believing in the power of prayer... please pray for my little guff...
Please kee Guffy and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Update on Harley the Cat

From Harley's owner Pat

All of your prayers were appreciated for my guy. He did have a diagnosis that is very manageable and I have been thanking God daily for answering my prayer and the prayers you all sent.
You may not have any idea but your prayers really do make a difference. Thank you.

Prayer Request for Kiciulka the Cat

From Ata:
Please pray for my missing kitty. She has been gone since Jan 9th and is still gone. I miss you so much Kiciulka! Please come home!
. Please keep Kiciulka and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Prayer Request for Gizmo the Dog

From Chris:
Please help me with a prayer to help my dog find her way home. Her name is gizmo and she is 15 yrs. old and she suffers from dementia . She wandered off on Sunday at 12 noon and we have been searching for her since then. She is a small Jack Russell terrier . Thank you for your help.
Please keep Gizmo and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayer Request for Jade the Cat

From Sondra:
Please pray for my kitty Jade. She is suffering from acute gastroenteritis, a condition that's made more difficult to treat because of her chronic feline infectious anemia and urinary tract infections. She means the world to me and was my only companion during an abusive relationship that I eventually escaped from. I do not know how I would cope if I were to lose her while she is still so young. All prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Please keep Jade and all our seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayer Request for Audie the Dog

From Kim:
She had a herniated disc and had surgery on her back but cannot move her back legs yet . please pray for her full recovery.
Please keep Audie and all our pets recovery from surgery in your prayers.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Prayer Request for Maxwell the Beagle

From Kim:

I am with a rescue group that specializes in senior dogs as they often aren't even given a second chance. All of our dogs or cats are in foster homes and the head of our group, Ellen, has a foster beagle named Maxwell that is sick. He is in Ivan Animal Hospital and is partially paralized due to a slipped disc. He's been given some sort of injection which might help him. Otherwise all involved think that at age 13 and with a heart murmur, he is probably too old for major surgery Maxwell is an old boy, but he has the lovliest marking of a flower on the top of his head. I've included his petfinder page for you.
Please keep Maxwell and all the seriously ill pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for Dood the Cat

Please pray for my cat Dood, who is 9 months old and went missing on New Year's Day. I have raised her from birth and she's like my own child. I haven't been able to sleep or stop crying and praying since she didn't come home when I called for her.
Please keep Dood and all our missing pets in your prayers.

Sad News - Elle the Dog

Adrienne Elle's Owner sadly share on her blog that her beloved little dog Elle has passed away.

I would ask that you please keep Adrienne in your prayers as she mourns the death of her beloved pet.

Prayer Request for Tasha the Dog

Please pray for Tasha who has some gi problems..they are very severe and she suffers terribly from it.. we love her very much and want her to be with us for a very long time..
Pleas Tasha and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Faith the Two-Legged Dog Turns Seven This Christmas

Read it here

New Site Added to Side Bar - Adopt a Pet

Check out this wonderful new site, especially if you are considering adopting a pet.


What is is the world's largest non-profit pet adoption website. We are like an ad agency for shelters and shelter pets. Sadly there are 4 million healthy adoptable companion animals killed in shelters each year due to overcrowding. We do our best to relieve that problem and put pets from shelters in the homes of pet seekers all over the country.

Our website makes it easy for anyone with an internet connection to find profiles and pictures of adoptable animals by location, breed, gender, age, size, and color. Over 8,000 shelters posts pets on our website displaying over 125,000 pets available for adoption at any given time. We also help volunteers connect with shelters, and currently host over thousands of people listed in our volunteer database for shelters.

What Makes Unique:
- On our website, people can use something we call “Search Saver.” This feature will notify users by e-mail when a particular pet of their specifications in available for adoption. For example, I can tell “Search Saver” where I live, and what type of breed I am looking for. When that animal is available, I am notified the next time a pet matching my search is added on

- As of this summer we have now made it easy for our visitors to find pets and then recommend them to friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and other social applications. We are calling the idea “Social Petworking.” Here is how it works; once you have searched and found a pet in need, on the pet details page simply hover over the button labeled “SHARE,” there you can send the pet details page to any of your friends. For more information visit this page .

Common Questions About Pet Adoption

Q: Although there are literally millions of pets in shelters, pounds and other ‘temporary housing’, many pet-owners-to-be don’t think about pet adoption when they’re looking for their new four-legged friend. Why do you think this is, and what can be done to turn that around?
A: Many people who want to get a pet just are not aware of how many pets are available at shelters. They might also have the misconception that pets are shelters might be there because there was a problem with the animal. In fact, most pets end up in shelters not because of any problem pet behavior, but because an owner died, moved, or simply didn't have the time or money to care for the animal. In some cases animals are lost and never found by their owners. These animals are healthy and very eager to please. Rescues pets are wonderful- just ask anyone who has one.

Some people are seeking purebred animals or puppies and think these are not available in shelters. In fact, nearly a quarter of all animals in shelters are purebred. Often someone buys an expensive purebred animal and then attempts to breed that animal to recoup their money. Often these puppies or kittens are not placed in homes, and end up in the shelter. Puppies and kittens often up in shelters as well, but it is important to note that your animals, especially puppies, require a lot of work and training and can be quite destructive (peeing on the carpet or chewing shoes). Puppies are great but often people are much happier getting a dog who is older, and whose size and temperament is a known quantity.

With and without even leaving their home, people can search all their local pets and see pictures and descriptions of the animals. This way, they can find the exact pet they want, call the animal shelter or rescue group, and get information on how to adopt that specific animal.

Q: What are the 5 most important things a potential adopter should consider when choosing their new pet?
A: We actually have a blog post on this highlighting the top 10 things we believe are important when adopting. Here are five, the rest can be located by visiting this page
1. You need to make a real commitment to care for your pet for its entire life.
2. Verify in advance that you’re allowed to keep a pet where you live.
3. Never adopt a pet on a whim or because you feel it’s love-at-first-sight
4. Provide sufficient exercise and stimulation during the first few weeks, this will help the pet adjust.
5. Make any necessary modifications to your yard and fence to provide for your pet’s safety.

Q: What are 5 positive aspects of pet adoption, and why it’s a good option?
1. When you adopt an adult animal, you can see his/her size and temperament. This helps ensure that the pet is right for you and your family.
2. It feels great to know you have saved an animals' life and everyone you meet will give you kudos for that for years to come.
3. Adopted pets are very loyal and know they have been given a new home.
4. Adopting a pet can be an important lesson to teach your children-- both about the value of life, and also about civic responsibility and even recycling- in this case recycling a living and loving animal into a new home.
5. Choosing a mixed breed animal can help avoid many of the genetic health problems that have developed in purebred animal due overbreeding and inbreeding.

Q: If someone reading this isn’t in a position to adopt a pet right at this time, but still wants to help homeless pets, what are 5 things they can do to get involved?
1. People can do Social PETworking! They can run a search on, find a pet they want to help get exposure for, and use the share tools on our site to post the pet link on their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social network page. Or, they can email the link of a pet in need form our site to their friends.
2. They can place a link/grpahic or even a search widget for on their personal website to encourage they users to see pets in need at local shelters. (hyper link "link" to our links page where we have graphics to be used as links)(hyper link "search widget" to our search module page which itself is a link form our links page)
3. People can add their info to our volunteer database (link) so shelters who need volunteers can find them.
4. People can search to find a local shelter, and make a cash donation to that shelter to help them with the costs of housing, feeding and medical care of shelter animals.
5. People can encourage other pet owners to spay or neuter their pet (link to our spay neuter page) to help prevent unwanted births.

Prayer Request for Sandwich the Ferret

From Brian who left the following comment here:
I am one of those owners that may lose a pet of my daughters because I was not responsible... At first, I was very angry at this comment thinking that my excuse was was great enough... If we are to lose sandwich this morning, our beloved pet Ferret, he will leave behind his sister Jelly... And however the outcome, I promise to learn from my carelessness. Please put Sandwich in your prayers this morning and allow me to right my wrong for his and my Daughter sake... And Thank You!
Please keep Ferret and all our pets in need in your prayers. I'd also ask that we remember to pray for their owners as well.


Dear Friends of this blog:

Sometimes I cannot post your prayer requests immediately. For example, yesterday I took the day of from the internet because it was Sunday. This morning I received a few prayer requests, one of which was urgent.

Please be comforted in knowing that even though your request may not appear on the blog immediately, we DO pray for ALL the pets and animals in need DAILY.

God bless and mahalo again for your dedication in praying for your pets. You can see your prayers at work when I post the praise reports.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Prayer Request for Dusty the Horse

From our friend Sushiboofay:
Looks like I need prayers said again. This time it is for our senior horse, Dusty. She has edema (swelling in abdomen) and the vet is not sure why (says there is an infection and more blood work is being run). She has not been eating very much, seems to be having a good deal of discomfort and we are quite worried about her.

Thank you so much for prayers said last time for Frisco our dog and in advance for the prayers to be said for Dusty.
Please keep Dusty and all our sick pets in your prayers.

Prayer Request for a Pet Dog

Please pray for my 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, she catches whatever I have ... she's had shingles off and on for years, but now I think she has the flu. I've started her on antibiotics and have anointed her with oil ...

I live alone and she is the only companion that I have - she's the only one I can trust
Please keep this sick pet and all our sick pets in your prayers.